Monday, December 15, 2008

Rose the Drug Addict

Rose, the bun I'm fostering for Porter Co., was spayed on Friday. She finally perked up a little bit yesterday, and she didn't fight me when I gave her the metacam. She was too out of it Sat. to protest too much.

This morning, she hopped over to the end of her cage and looked up at me, probably expecting a raisin. On a whim, I thought, "Oh, let's just see if she'll take the metacam through the syringe without me forcing her." And she did! She practically ripped it out of my hands as I slowly pushed the plunger for her to lick up the meds.

I never thought I'd have another bun so thrilled to have medicine as PJ is, but I guess I do. :-)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Caspian the Stain Stick

I drove down to Indy today with two buns - a bunny date and a family looking to adopt a rabbit. On the way down, I stopped for a Peanut Buster Parfait at a DQ. Of course, I get a nice glob of hot fudge on my white IHRS T-shirt that I had to parade around in all day. I get home and get out Caspian aka Monkey Boy aka Fuzzy Monster, and I lie down on the couch to cuddle with him. He often licks my shirt, sometimes my arm, always the couch cushions. Tonight, he immediately gets to work licking the hot fudge stain. I would push him away, but he'd go right back to licking it. He even nibbled it a bit but didn't make a hole in the shirt. I told him that I didn't need Caspian Stain Stick, and he eventually got the message and stopped licking the stain. If I could get him to actually do the laundry instead of just, well, pre-treating stains, then I'd really be impressed! :-)


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Big Update!

Long time, no write. I was briefly down to 10 buns, but I'm back up to 11. I have one new bun, Hanna, who took Kendall's spot when he went into the Highland Petco store. Kendall just got adopted, so that was fast (he was in the store a little over a month).

The buns all survived Grampy taking care of them when I was in the hospital for surgery. I was only supposed to be in for 2 days (in Thurs., out Sat.) but I kept getting a fever at night, so I was stuck until Monday. Grampy gave carrots as treats, so that helped grease the wheels of bunny love.

Caspian stayed with my vet while I recovered enough to be able to cuddle with him. Cass gets so mad when he's not being held or getting attention from me. He's been pretty spoiled the last month or so - I've been working from home, so he's gotten to see me more. This is my last week (hopefully) of working from home, and I'm hoping he doesn't get depressed that I won't be home during the day. He's been getting long cuddle sessions on the couch each night, and I've been getting "Wet Caspians" (instead of "Wet Willies") when he stands on the back of the couch and grooms my ear.

PJ's health hasn't been the best. Last Sat., I heard what I thought was Jenna mounting him (she's been picking on him a little bit), but it was actually PJ on his side and unable to get up. I honestly thought he was going to die, because he also peed and, well, buns that are dying will do that. I helped him back up, and he acted fine. Tonight he was on his side again and got a push from Mama to get up. I don't know whether he was down and able to get up or if he had fallen and had given up. Last week he was panicky, but he wasn't like that tonight, so I don't know which it is.

I "adopted" a Webkinz rabbit for my birthday last week. That website is actually pretty fun, playing games to get Kinzcash to buy clothes, food, furniture, etc., for the pet and its home. So I'm 38 and play on Webkinz - hey, I'm a sociologist who studies the human-animal bond, so why not cyberpets? Any excuse to play, man! :-)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Caspian's Stupid Move

Last night, I had Caspian out for play time. Since Carson's pen is close to the play area, I put a sheet over the side of his pen so he and whatever rabbit is out to play won't fight. Caspian kept digging at the sheet, and he eventually got an area open enough for him and Carson to box at each other.

Being the good bunny mom that I am, I put one of the 36" high gates up to block Caspian from Carson's area, and I went back to reading my book. I was stretched out on the floor with my feet towards Carson's area, and I hear what sounded like the gate being knocked down. But no gate hit my feet, so I turn around. No Caspian. I then hear a fight from inside Carson's pen. Caspian had leapt over the gate and landed in Carson's pen. Carson, not one to take guff from anyone, was spinning around and the two of them looked like a fuzzy yin-yang.

Fur was flying, and I was able to grab Caspian's butt and lift him out of Carson's pen. Caspian immediately cuddled up to me, like "What happened? That was very scary." I couldn't really feel too sympathetic for he was the one dumb enough to leap into another rabbit's pen. I didn't see any bites, though one chunk of fur was pulled out that made a mark on his butt. Carson seemed to be fine.

I mean, wouldn't you fight if you were a rabbit hanging out in your pen and some strange rabbit comes falling out of the sky? In college, my Roomie and I would always say "Brain the size of a what?" (answer: mustard seed) whenever Wellington the resident rabbit would do something silly or stupid, and I have to ask that question of Caspian's antics.


Monday, September 29, 2008

One Adoption, and Three New Arrivals

Well, I'm up to my eyeballs in buns again. Japser went to his forever home on Sunday, and we've been scrambling to find a good rabbit to take his place at the Petco.

Saturday, I went to a local shelter and pulled a little 3 lb. Dutch mix who I'm calling Kendall. He's a pretty quiet guy, and he'd been at the shelter since January after his people no longer wanted him. He'll be neutered soon and then wait his turn at Petco.

While I was only supposed to pull one rabbit, there was another rabbit there who just had to get out of there, a little black Jersey Wooly. He had some matting and tangles in his hair, and I couldn't leave him there. He was only in the shelter for about 2 weeks, but he really needed some attention. My vet cut/shaved some of the worst mats, and I've been working on brushing out the others. He's quite a pistol - he's already sprayed me once and he's really enjoyed the brushing and grooming he's been getting. He even kicked his feet out to the side to relax even further while I was grooming him last night, chattering his teeth in bliss. I've started calling him Squiggy because he reminds me of that character from Laverne and Shirley.

On Sunday, I drove down to Indy to get a rabbit from one of our adoption partners. His name is Sammy (which might change since we have several other Sam-like names in our system), and he looks a lot like Julia. He was found outside in Michigan during the winter, along with another rabbit. How cruel can someone be? He'll go into Petco on Saturday, once we get his diet switched over to what he'll get at the store.

Even with neutered rabbits in my house, they still multiply!


Monday, September 22, 2008


Greta, my shy little Dutch girl, got adopted on Sat. She's going to be bonded to a cute little lop boy. She's settling into her new home pretty well right now, after a bit of a shaky start. (She was on a hunger strike. But she's eating and pooping, so she's doing good. Funny how excited bunny parents can get over good ol' #1 and #2....) I really miss Greta, and it was really great to see her gain some confidence while under my care.

Jodi, the lop girl I rescued from a local shelter, went to her forever home on Sat. as well. I didn't get to interact much with her new family at all. I was facilitating the bunny dates, so that kept me busy. I'm sure she'll settle in fine. Jodi actually likes to be held and loves attention, and her new family has a daughter that will probably spoil her rotten.

Kristie took Jodi's spot at another foster mom's house, so I'm down in the single digits again - I only have 9 buns at my place. Wow, huh?

I'm going to get down to 7 in a few weeks, I think. I'm getting surgery at the end of Oct., so the fewer mouths for "Grampy" to feed and care for while I'm in the hospital and recovering, the better :-)


Five Years :-)

Sat. was the fifth anniversary of me bringing home my very first rabbit, Calvin Parsley. I didn't get to spend much time with him, though, for I drove down to Indy to try to get a few other rabbits adopted out. I can't believe it's been five years, yet it also seems like Cal and I have been together forever.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Caspian Out and About

Yesterday, I took Caspian out on a harness and lead. I'll have to take pics next time - he was looking so handsome. He did very well and only flipped out once when a heineously loud motorcycle went by. He didn't eat grass, but he did run around quite a bit.

At first, he wasn't sure what to do. The wind was rippling his fur, and he sat looking around like "What is this place?" He didn't appreciate one low flying single engine plane, either, and hid under a bush. I told him that Mama wouldn't let anything get him, and he actually hid under me as I squatted there.

He's such a cuddle bug that he didn't freak out when I put the harness on or took it off, though I think he was pretty tired when I put him back into his house. Now that the weather is cooler, I might have to take him out a lot more. He liked it more than Calvin usually likes it, so I think Calvin is off the hook.


Calvin Need a Hearing Aid?

Saturday night, the local PBS station was airing The Who Live at Kilburn concert. I thought, "Huh, too bad I won't get to watch much of it" because Calvin hates The Who. He'll start thumping and thumping and looking rather disturbed whenever I play their music.

Well, I watch and watch the concert, and no thumps. I know Calvin can hear, for he heard the crinkle of the Critterberries bag earlier that night and also came when I called his name.

Maybe his taste in music finally expanded, or else he just gave up. He never thumps at the neighbor kid's "music" (screaming, heavy bass and guitar - I'm still under 40, but I do see the difference between just noise and actual music), so I always wondered what made The Who so special.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Attention All Humans

This is Greta, the foster rabbit, with an important message for all human parents of rabbits. We hate, I repeat, HATE, to have our shedding tufts of fur plucked off our butts, backs, or anywhere else. As primates, I know that these tufts must really bug you. I even understand your misguided sense of trying to help us not ingest this fur when we groom ourselves. However, this fur plucking must cease.

My fur looked like a badly mowed lawn the other night, when Mama started plucking my butt. She had tried brushing me first, but so much came off that she just gave in and started yanking away. After conferring with the other rabbits, I decided to sneak into the study today and post this on the blog. While I can't quite call it a No Plucking Manifesto, I can say that you can all consider yourself warned. Further plucking will be undertaken with the understanding that blood or appendage loss may be involved.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Photos of Jodi

Hi. I took some pics of Jodi, Jasper's former girlfriend. The lighting at my place is just awful, so sorry for the yellowness.

She's a sweet girl, and I know she'll do great at her new foster mom's house.


Jasper is in Petco

Taking Carson's place at the Merrillville Petco is Jasper, the lop mix boy who I rescued from the local shelter:

I never saw his ears so low - usually they're more like 1:55 or 2:50 than 3:45 or 4:40 like they were at the store.

He seemed to settle in fine, and hopefuly he'll get a new home soon. I'm taking one of the big foster girls from another foster mom's house down to Indy tomorrow to go to her forever home, and Jodi will be going to that mom's house in her foster slot.

If it wasn't for Carson coming back, I'd be down to 10 buns again. Still, I'll have 11, which is one less than I've had for a while.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Carson's Back

Well, Carson is back at my place. Tuesday night, I met a family interested in adopting him, and I saw that he had some white bunny snot he'd sneeze out of his nose, as well as a slightly sticky/wet butt. So, he came home with me and saw the vet on Wed.

Carson is doing well, less than happy at having to take Baytril, but otherwise his old self.

I swear, they have it so good my house that they put their little bunny brains to work plotting ways to come back here. I have a few people to call who are interested in adopting (probably him, but not sure), so hopefully he'll be on his way to his forever home soon.


Monday, August 04, 2008

Bad Bunny Karma Today

What a morning! I go downstairs to get the salad for everybun, and Julia (Calvin's girlfriend) somehow got out of her pen and was loose. She went back in on her own with some parsley for a bribe. Then when I'm putting the water/pellet bowl in Rose's house (she's the unspayed female I'm fostering for the local shelter), Rose attacks me, boxing and nipping. I had a small cut on the palm of my hand and a tiny scratch. When getting Kristie's water/pellet bowl out of her house (she buried it under hay), she attacked me. She didn't have her heart in it like Rose did, and I have no cuts or anything.

What the heck did I do to deserve this treatment today? I wonder if tonight will be the boys' turn.


Monday, July 21, 2008

2 New Members of the Warren

I went to the Porter Co. Animal Shelter on Saturday and pulled 2 rabbits that are very good candidates for our Petco program. It was a male and female living together in one cage and neither neutered (sigh).

The boy is Jasper, about 7 pounds and with some lop in him from the way his ears are droopy (much like Harrison's). He's white with gray rings around his eyes, gray ears, and brownish gray markings on his back and butt. He's quite a charmer, with his dark eyes and manly jaw.

The girl is Jodi, about 4 pounds and either a full mini lop or mostly mini lop. She's white with gray Himmy markings (sooty nose, gray ears) and very light markings on her back. She has dark eyes and so far loved getting newspaper to shred.

I felt bad breaking them up but my vet thinks Jodi is pregnant (as do I - they've been living together since 6/25, so I'm sure Jasper took care of things on his end). Jodi is getting spayed now (for her health, too, since Jasper is twice her size, and she could have complications if she tried to give birth), and Japser will get neutered hopefully in the next week or two.

So I'm back up to an even dozen. Time to light the "NO Vacancy" sign again :-)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Two Adoptions and Carson is in Petco!

Nadia, my second foster bunny to graduate to living at Petco, was adopted on Sunday. There were two approved adopters meeting the 8 rabbits we have available up here. Nadia went home with a young woman who doesn't have kids (a quieter home was best for Nad). The other approved adopter was a family with a 10-year-old or so daughter.

The daughter met everybun (except for Cassandra), and it was down to Greta and Joshua (Josh being one bun I brought back from Indy on 7/3). The girl picked Joshua!! They're getting him tonight. I had a vet visit scheduled to get a handle on Joshua's sneezing and stuff, to see if there was anything I should be doing for him, and they're going to be there for the exam, too. He and the girl really hit it off, and he just loved being petted. I think she'll have a great confidant and snuggler in Joshua.

Since Nadia had been living in the Merrillville Petco, her being adopted left an empty hexi. I had mentioned Carson to the chapter head before, and she felt it'd be fine to enroll him into the IHRS system. It was hard leaving him at the Petco, but I'll know he'll do great there. He's such a sweet guy, and he'll love everyone who comes to see him. I'm trying not to think about my "empty cage" syndrome, and I know it's for the best that he's at the Petco. A lot of people will get to see him and fall in love with him. Hopefully his forever home will find him soon.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Caspian at Work

Last Thursday, we were getting out of work early to get a jump start on the holiday. I asked my boss if I could bring in Caspian to "cute-n up the office" - she said yes. So, Caspian got to come to work. I should have brought my camera.

Everyone loved him, especially when I put him down on the floor and he went hopping around, entering other peoples' cubicles and offices at whim. (I work in publishing.) The production group really loved seeing him hop around, especially since his lop ears bounce and he moves along. He even did a few binkies, though mostly out of sight of his adoring fans. He stretched out on the floor in the hallway, too, for a little bit. He stayed that way until I brought some of the gang over to check it out and one touched his big fuzzy feet and made him sit back up again.

I think Caspian liked being here with me, and it was nice to have somebun cuddly here at work.


Bunny Swap

Well, all sorts of things have been going on in the warren in the last few weeks. Kristie, my first foster bunny "graduate" who went to live in Petco, is back with me. She was getting stressed out at the store (she'd been there for 6 mos., I think).

Greta, Kristie, and I went down to Indy on June 22nd for bunny dates. Harrison came along, too, and he went to a different foster home and I got Cinnabun to keep my big bun slot filled. Kristie was pretty cranky on the first date, so she was left alone for the 2nd date and the meeting with a potential adopter of a single bun. Greta did okay on the dates, but the first boy bun didn't really hit it off with the girl buns there. The adopter of a single bun, though, did pick her. I was going to hand her off to her new Mama that following Saturday. Kristie, Cinnabun, Greta, Jazmine (a bun for another woman in NW Indiana to foster), and I all came back home.

That following week, Greta stopped eating. We were at the vet every day getting X-rays and other tests done to see what the problem was. Unfortunately, her new Mama (a first time bunny owner) decided that she should probably choose another bun instead - Greta has a few other issues that might cause problems in the future. Poor Greta. She's pretty much back to normal now. I did get to learn how to give subcutaneous fluids, though, which was a goal of mine.

Then after work on July 3rd, I drove down to Indy to trade Cinnabun for Cassandra, another former foster bun of mine who has gotten into some trouble. She had bit a few of the volunteers at the Petco store where she was, and this last one nicked a blood vessel. So the decision was made to pull her from the store, and I brought her back home to live with me. She is a lot sweeter than she used to be, but she did nip me on my wrist when I was putting the refilled pellet bowl back into her pen. It didn't bleed, but it bruised right away.

I also took in 2 short-term foster buns because their old foster Mama had to take in a relative who needs surgery and there are allergies. Honey, a gray-ish agouti Dutch, is 11-12 years old, and I feel very honored to be caring for this matriarch of IHRS. She's finally starting to warm up to me - dried fruit treats really help, as do great butt scratches I give her. Joshua is the other bun I took in. He's a brown agouti and has upper respiratory issues at times. He's pretty sweet.

I certainly have no more room at the Bunny Inn!!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Caspian, the Explorer

I had Caspian out tonight a couple of times - the first, in a snuggle session on the couch when I got home from work; the second, upstairs while I lay on the floor reading. Well, after ump-teen million times of him, um, getting frisky, with various parts of me (shoulders, legs, head, etc.), he will stretch out to rest for a few seconds (30, tops), then be back grunting, circling, and showing his misplaced lust. Tonight, I lay reading undisturbed for 45 seconds, then turned to see where Caspian was. He was down three stairs! With me chaperoning/spotting him, he went down to the last step, where I scooped him up and said that if he got too close to Harrison, Harry would eat him. I mean, Harry is twice Caspian's size, easily.

What a quick learner! I guess if he can't get me interested in what's he's selling, he'll go find someone who is :-)


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Caspian, the Cuddle Bunny

Finally, Caspian's amorous advances are slowing down. He still jumps from one end of his house to the other when he sees me, and I've finally figured out why. He wants to be held! Is he the oddest bun or what? When I hold him, he just nestles his head under my chin or on my shoulder and just laps up the attention. The first night I held him, he was licking my face and neck. He will give the occasional grooming nip, and sometimes his love switches to the kind that shouldn't be shown by a boy to his Mama, but otherwise he's the quintessential lap rabbit.

I finally got a cuddler!! :-)


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Am I a Bad Mama....

To be laughing at Caspian's, um, problem? He's still very randy, and he's been launching himself at me if I have the top door to his house open. He'll then try to attach himself to my arm and molest me. Well last night, I was bent over and talking to him while standing near the short side of his cage. No door or anything nearby - just the bars between us. He flings himself at me and I hear "clunk" as he hits the metal bars of his cage. I couldn't help but laugh. I could almost hear him thinking "WO-MAN! WO-MAN!" like he was a cave-bun or something. The incident didn't even slow him down.

So am I a bad bunny Mom to laugh at this?


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Caspian - Doing Well

Caspian has calmed down a tiny bit from his surgery. He's definitly eating more (though not lettuce), and there is no swelling or redness or anything from the incision or empty spots. I do still have to pin him to the floor of his house with one hand so my other hand can handle the pellet and water bowls (literally) unmolested. I'm going to take him in on Sat. to get him microchipped.


"Shop for Hop" is Now Open

In an effort to raise some money for rabbit rescue-related causes, I am crafting items to sell on

WhiteStix's Shop for Hop

People who order from me can choose where the donation (listed for each item) will go - Red Door (no-kill shelter/foster system), the Indiana House Rabbit Society (rescue/foster system), or an emergency fund that I'll send to help with costs entailed from big seizures of rabbits anywhere in the US.

I'll be making several other kinds of afghans (including a doll-sized version of the one there now), heavy and warm winter scarves, and (if I can figure the patterns out) stuffed rabbits. I'm hoping to come up with some bunny-safe crocheted toys to make, so I'll keep everyone posted. My kids (foster and otherwise) don't play with the stuffed carrot I have now, but other buns might love to toss a carrot-shaped toy with jingles in it.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Member of the Warren

Okay, so yesterday I go to the Porter County shelter to help with the five rabbits they had. I was going to sex them and take some photos for their website. I go in and see four of the rabbits in the cages they usually use for them, and I look for the fifth bun. (They usually use a Tommy cage or something similiar for the "overflow".) I go around the corner behind the one small wall, and come face to face with this face:

If Calvin and Jessica would have been able to have kids, I'm sure they would have looked like him! So, I had him briefly checked at my vet (along with Rose), then we swung back to the shelter for me to fill out adoption forms on him. He was surrendered to the shelter on 5/27 (they thought he was a girl). And I was able to see why he was surrendered after interacting with him at the vet's office. If you looked up "randy" in the dictionary, you'd see a pic of his fuzzy face! If it moves, he wants to mount it - my leg, my hand, my chest if I'm holding him. Needless to say, he's getting neutered Monday.

His name is Caspian Peter. And yes, I'm a long-time Narnian!

More updates and pics later. The boy barely sits still and hasn't eaten much. As soon as he sees me, he goes nuts trying bust out and have his way with me. Hopefully the surgery will put a stop to his Oedipal complex.



Hi, everyone. A quick update before announcing a new permanent member of the warren.

Harrison escaped again yesterday, somehow getting the sheet that's covering his pen off enough to see the ceiling and know he could jump/climb out. I don't think he was out long (I was out doing errands) before I caught him in the kitchen and put him back into his house. He didn't seem any the worse for wear. He's finally off kennel rest, too, and he got to explore the upstairs play area Friday night. He mastered the stairs as quickly as Cassandra did!

Speaking of Cassandra, I guess she's trying to bite the Petco employees when they go into her hexiglass cage to clean and refresh her pellets, etc. She was cage possessive here, too, so hopefully she'll either calm down or the Petco employees will learn a few tricks. I hope she's not requested to leave the store.

I have a new foster rabbit, who I have named Rose. She's from the Porter County animal shelter. She's over 6 1/2 lbs., white with black spots/blotches, and possibly pregnant. I'm fostering her for the shelter and not the IHRS. She was brought in with another girl (who looked less fat, so either not as far along in her preg. or not preg. at all) and a young male. They were all together in the same carrier or box when they were brought to the shelter, hence the guess that they're pregnant. Rose was pulling some of her fur out yesterday, so I said I'd foster her so she'd be somewhere less stressful if she does deliver. I'll keep the blog posted on what's happening with her, and post some photos when I can.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Harrison's Boo Boo

Well, I came home Friday night and guess who wasn't in his pen? Yep, Harrison either scaled the wall of his prison or did the high jump. I think he made his escape shortly after I left for work, judging from how much salad was left in his pen.

Anyway, I was able to grab him pretty easily and put him back into his pen. (He's unneutered, and I was thankful he didn't get into Julia's pen and, well, have his way with her - she's neutered, but I don't want to deal with a false pregnancy.)

I noticed that he was limping, holding his left front foot up. We made the bunny ER trip (after hours call to my vet), and after a few really cool digital X-rays, it was determined that he had 2 hairline fractures of his radius and ulna near his elbow. And he has pasteurella, for his nose was oozing some green stuff and his forearms were icky from him wiping his nose with them.

Now I get to wrestle him to give him his antibiotics and pain meds while not putting too much pressure on him so I don't aggravate the leg. I've asked the head of the IHRS chapter if he could go to a different foster home, one with at least two sets of hands to restrain him better than I can by myself.

I so wish you could get them to understand that they have to take the medicine and that it's for their own good.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Harrison, aka "Spider Bun"

Okay, I know I should be happy that Harrison is feeling better and a lot more energetic. However, I finally got to see what all the noise is about when I'm in bed at night. Harrison stood on the second "rung" of the pen he lives in, putting his front paws over the top edge and resting his chin on the top as he looked around.

Now, has anyone out there had a rabbit that can scale a pen?! I haven't taken any precautions to keep him from leaping out, for I'm at a loss here. I can put some cardboard over the top of the pen to make a sort of roof, but I'd rather not do that.

I have seen kittens scale the bars at a shelter before, but I never thought a rabbit could do it. Harrison is definitely a special boy!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Carson, a.k.a. "Hare-y Houdini"

This morning, I awoke to the sound of thumping. It sounded like it was coming from a bun on carpet. Well, I figured that Jenna or PJ must just be in their house in a way that just made it sound like that, since no buns are out when I'm sleeping and the only bun living in a pen close enough for me to hear is Harrison, and he's on newspaper-covered vinyl flooring.

Then I hear something that sounded like PJ and Jenna fighting. It happens again about 30 secs. later, so I say, "Guys, come on. Stop it." Then I hear more thumping.

So, thinking that I have 20 mins. or so before I have to get up anyway, I wander over to PJ and Jenna's house and can see they're just sitting there. I hear thumping, and squint towards the hallway. Hmm, why is there a blur that looks like Carson in the hallway? I wander back to put my glasses on and look into the hall again. There is Carson sitting there looking at me and thumping.

"How in the world did you get out?" I asked him, then wondering if he chewed any cords whilst on the lam. He freaks out and runs back into the study, behind his cage.

The cage he's in has doors on the side and on the top. I always lock the side cage, since he could push on it and open it, but I only secure the top door lightly. Well, the top door is wide open, so he had to have some how gotten that door open, jumped out of it, and jumped onto the floor. He was then unable to get back into his house. His water bottle was knocked off, too.

I moved his house out and opened the side door, eventually getting him shooed inside. I gave him a headrub, and he immediately relaxed. His breathing was still fast and shallow, like hyperventilating. He started to eat his salad right away when I gave it to him, and he seemed to have calmed down when it was time for me to leave for work.

Needless to say, I fasted the side locks on the top door, and if he gets out again, he'll have had help. I've never had a rabbit escape from his house since Calvin did it way back in 2003, so the title "Hare-y Houdini" gets passed to Carson.


PS Carson was thumping all during playtime last night. I don't know whether he was freaked out that there was a huge white rabbit downstairs, that we were getting another earthquake, or what. Maybe he was giving me some sort of ultimatum and I failed his test so he "escaped."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Foster - Harrison

I drove down to Ft. Wayne last night to take in one of the 4 rabbits the IHRS pulled from a kill shelter there. All are big buns - 10+ lbs. - and I took the guy who seems a bit down on his luck. Harrison is a big, white guy, who is very underweight and has rough fur and some weepy eye discharge. He's got pink eyes - the first pink-eyed bun I've had at my place, and he has a very "old soul" look to him. I think he was kept in tough circumstances, crowded with other buns, and that they weren't given enough food and water. I think he was lower on the totem pole dominance-wise, so he probably got the least of everything.

He doesn't seem very perky or very aggressive, though hopefully he'll start showing some spunk when he fills out a little more. He's going to the vet on Friday, and he'll get a good going-over. We think he's a Flemish Giant (his ears are big and either floppy because of their size/his not able to control them well because of being week or (I think) that he's crossed with a lop and is sort of helicopter-lop-eared). I'm sure his personality will come out as he settles into foster care and realizes that he's on easy street.

Anyway, he's the poorer off of the 4 rescued (they were all in one hutch at the shelter), so he'll be able to relax and recover in my nice, quiet home, where the pellet bowl never empties and water is plentiful. Here's hoping there's not much wrong that clean conditions, good food, fresh water, and a little lovin' can't fix


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Empty Nest

I drove down to Indianapolis this morning with Marja and Greta, who were going on a date with a guy-bun named George. I had Cassandra with me, too, for she was going to move into the Greenwood Petco.

Marja and George hit it off really well. She was the first girl he dated, and when Greta, Mae, and Arwin didn't hit it off as well as she did, Marja went on a second date. George's Mom and Dad picked Marja, and I'm really happy. Marja really made great strides this last week or two, actually kicking her feet out and relaxing fully when getting a head/cheek rub. George's parents are thrilled, especially since you can actually pick Marja up without too much fuss (while the same can't be said about George). I feel horrible that I never got pics of her, but anyone interested can see her pics on the IHRS website:

All three of Marja's babies had already been adopted, so I'm so glad that she finally got a home, skipping the Petco digs altogether. It was really funny when it was time for George and Marja to leave. Since George doesn't like being picked up, I put the carrier in and we hoped he'd hop in. Well, Marja went inside of it instead, so George got to ride home in the cardboard carrier that had Marja's pellets, some hay, and salad in it. I know Marja is really happy with George, and this just goes to show it.

I drove Cassandra to the Greenwood store after leaving the Speedway store where the date was. (I'm going to make a list of all the Petco stores I've been in and see if I can visit all of the ones where we have buns up for adoption.) Her hexi that she'll be living in might not be as much square footage as she's used to, but at least the top is high enough that I don't think she'll hit her head if she stands up. It was harder leaving Cassandra at the store than watching Marja go home. Marja is my first foster bun to be adopted, with Kristie and Nadia still in Petco awaiting those special bunny parents. I hope Cass doesn't think I abandonned her or that she did something wrong.

So now I'm down to 6 buns from an all-time-high of 9 (Mario transferring to Robin's house a few weeks ago). I'll actually have time for my own rabbits now. Wow, now there's a thought! :-)


Monday, April 07, 2008

Pics of Cassandra

Here are some photos of Cassandra, the big (7+lbs) girl. She's so goofy, and you just have to love those ears!

The last one isn't well lit, but I loved her getting tired of having her picture taken and trying to hide under my book.


Pics of Mario

Here are a few photos of Mario, another foster bun. He's now at another foster home, freeing up some time for me to work with Greta, the new foster bun who is still really shy.

I'll miss this little guy. He has such energy, and he'll be sure to entertain whomever adopts him with his antics.


Pic of Lil' Miss

Here's a photo of Lil' Miss, the foster bun that I took back to her old foster home.

She'll await her forever home in foster care instead of a Petco store. She just wasn't settled or calm enough to do well in a store, so hopefully someone will fall in love with her through the IHRS website.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cassanda - Big, Bold Girl

Cassandra mastered going up and down stairs last night. It took Nadia several days to get the hang of them. I guess Cassandra's size helped. Cass even went back into her house on her own, going down the stairs and into her pen (not far from the bottom of the stairs). I'm going to see if she'll go up the stairs for play time on her own, too.

She was dancing all over and even flopping in bliss when she was out last night. She's such a joyful rabbit. Someone is going to get a great bun when they adopt her.


Bunny Swap

Well, Lil' Miss went back to her old foster home yesterday. She's going to be a regular foster rabbit instead of a Petco rabbit. She'd do much better in regular foster care, and I don't think she'd do well in the store when space became available.

So, now I have Greta. Greta is the most scared of all the rabbits from the big rescue of Dutches that the IHRS did (basement breeder, so the rabbits weren't socialized at all). Nadia came from that group, and she's doing great at Petco.

Greta freaks out when you walk into the room, so she's going to need some special TLC to bring her around. She has a box to hide in, and she dragged her salad into it last night. She opted not to come out for play time, but hopefully tonight I can entice her out.

I put Greta in Marja's old cage and moved Marja to the "big girl cage" - it's above PJ and Jenna's cage, so I have to pick Marja up to bring her out for play time, hence the "big girl" (ie, mentally and emotionally ready for being picked up) part of the name :-) Marja is being bolder, and she likes being up higher. Plus she puts her head down as I walk by, asking for a headrub, so I indulge her. Hopefully I can get her to demand headrubs (rip book out of my hands so I pay attention to her instead, etc.).


Carson is Pasteurella Positive

But it looks like the vet tech at my clinic is going to adopt Carson, which would be great since he'd be the only rabbit. He is such a sweet rabbit, and he doesn't even fight me when I give him the medicine.

He's doing a lot better, so the TMS is helping. Hopefully he'll go to his new home next week or the week after. Until then, he's getting spoiled at my house :-)


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Carson Update

Carson went to the vet today. He'd been sneezing and wheezing a bit since I met him last Wed. We did a culture for Pasteurella, and hopefully he won't have it. He has to stay away from the other buns, including a separate play area, and it might mess up his chances to get into Red Door to await adoption. A tech at the hospital liked him, and she's going to work on her hubby and hopefully get his okay and give Carson a home :-)

I did get some pics at him while we were at the vet. He was very good for the doc and the techs, by the way.

He did get his nails trimmed while we were there, too. His teeth are a little wavy, but he'll be eating a lot more hay than he used to so it should take care of itself. I guess he's overweight, too - 6.4 lbs. He didn't look bigger than Calvin, but he's about about half a pound on my Chinchilla Boy.

One pic from him at home:

Who wouldn't love a face like this?


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bunny Layover

A co-worker had a friend who needed to find a rabbit a new home. So, there's another little guy in my place. He's a neutered male mini-lop, white with orangy-brown and black spots. I've named him Carson for now, and I'm hoping he can get into Red Door's foster program.

The IHRS doesn't take owner surrenders, so I took Carson in as a private individual, letting his former caretaker know that. He's adorable, so he'll go fast once his name and story are in front of prospective new parents. Photos will be taken and posted soon.

(I should just do a huge photo spread on the blog with everybun's name and story. Lord knows I almost need something like that, since I keep calling some of the kids by the wrong names.)

I think it's time I take the "Bunnies are Always Welcome" sign that my parents got me down off my wall, huh? He makes the 9th bun currently in residence!

I hope adoptions pick up soon so my foster buns can go into Petco and work their magic on prospective adopters, especially before the shelters get flooded with ex-Easter bunnies.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two New Fosters....

Two weeks ago, I went to the county animal shelter and pulled a cute bun for the IHRS foster program. She was "Mulan" and after flipping her, I saw she wasn't a girl at all. The name "Tabitha" I had picked out for the bun had to be tossed, and I decided on Mario. He's a Tan rabbit, a breed with orange on the belly, neck, feet, tail, inner ears, and nostrils. He's really handsome. He was given up because the owner had allergies, and he's about a year old. He was neutered last Friday, so he's still a little sore. You can tell that his last owner was a little girl, both from his former name and from how much he loves attention.

One week ago, I went back to the shelter to pull the big girl that was given up by her owner because they couldn't care for her any more. I had promised her that I would get her out of there, and I did feel a bit guilty picking Mario over her. She's 7.7 lbs and a Rex mix. Her fur is short like a Rex, but the texture is more like a regular rabbit's coat. She's a lovely brown. She was spayed yesterday, but she's recovering well. I'm really tempted to adopt her, for she's such a great rabbit. She loves attention, and is always begging for headrubs when I walk by. She's getting spoiled, for I usually indulge her, even if for just a quick few rubs.

Pics will be coming soon. For being spayed and neutered, the number of buns at my house sure seems to multiply! :-)


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Calvin and Julia Bonding Update

Love must be in the air. Calvin and Julia had a really great bonding session tonight. I think part of the reason was that I changed the layout of the bonding space, and I also lay on the floor reading for a good part of it. Julia wasn't able to hide behind me and wasn't able to climb up me like a tree. She did hop on my back a few times, but it wasn't a hinderance to the session.

I got Calvin to groom her for a while, and Julia actually sat near him for quite some time, not running away. She didn't thump at all today, and I think that me being stretched out on the floor helped put her at ease.

I can't wait until she and Calvin can "shack up."


PJ is on His Honeymoon....

With Jenna

She's about 3 years old, and she's 3.5 lbs., about a half pound smaller than PJ.

She doesn't have a middle name yet. She and PJ hit it off so well yesterday that she was his first, last, and only bunny date! She's currently whipping him into shape so he knows that she'll groom him but also expects to be groomed.

At one point during their date, they both sat in the litterbox. Jenna actually gave him a little kiss before hopping out of the box. She sat for a few seconds on the floor, then hopped right back in!

They got along so well that they're "shacking up" already. There have been several chases through the cage, with Jenna doing the chasing, but she always kisses him and makes up. They are well matched, too, and photos of the happy couple will be along shortly. There has been some mounting behavior as they sort out who wears the pants in the family, but it doesn't seem to be hurting PJ's back when it happens (she's been mounting him more than t'other way around).

When it was play time yesterday, they didn't come out of the cage. I guess the honeymooners didn't want to leave their hotel room ;-)

The only problem that there might be is that she's eating all of his food! I hope PJ can keep up with her so he gets to eat, too.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PJ - Looking for Love

PJ and I are going down to Indy on Sat. to see if any of the girls in the IHRS system who seem to want a partner strike his fancy. I know he'd really love a girl to lick and love, and I hope we find somebun.

She'll have to be pretty special. With PJ's back and general fraility, I couldn't put him through bonding sessions like Calvin and Julia are doing, so he and his bunny bride would basically have to fall in love at first sight.

Keep your fingers crossed, everyone, and let's hope my boy PJ can find the girl of his dreams. :-)


Julia is Bonding....

But with me! Julia is terrified of Calvin for some reason. She will approach him, groan, then run away, thumping as she comes to stop behind me.

Last night, I got to play "tree" to Julia's "squirrel." I usually sit with my back against the wall, in the corner beside my bedroom door, during bonding sessions. Julia likes to hide behind me, even if she has to squeeze herself between me and the door to get away from that "evil" boy, Calvin. She finally got the hint that I won't let her squish into that spot any more. (I will usually move and set her back out in the open when she hides.)

So, Julia decided to get on my lap, climb up the front of me, and get on to my shoulders, groaning and obviously upset at Calvin for *GASP* sniffing at her gently. As I sat there with a rabbit around my neck, trying not to laugh myself silly, I did feel bad for Julia. I mean, that must be one desperate rabbit to go hiding behind someone's head.

I might stir things up a little bit and put Julia and Calvin into the same carrier (a bigger one that neither have been in before) and take them on a car ride. That's supposed to get rabbits to join together against the horrible sensation of car travel. I'm going to wait a week or two to see if Squirrel Girl will relax any more with Calvin.

But at least she knows I won't let Calvin hurt her, so that's something, I guess.


Monday, February 18, 2008

My New Home

Tonight, I sat in a pen with Calvin and the woman who wants me to call her Mama. While Calvin was relaxed, I was a bit apprehensive. I asked him several times to groom me, but he didn't. I got a little upset, but I held my temper and didn't vent my frustration. I mostly just sat there, getting some good headrubs from the human and keeping my eye on Calvin.

Calvin is handsome, but it's going to take me some time to trust him and "Mama" - I miss my old home and people. The hay here is tasty, as is the salad. I'm content to stay here for now and see what happens. "Mama" said that even if I decide that I wouldn't be with Calvin if he was the last bunny boy on Earth, I can stay here. I've gone into homes before and ended up back in foster care, and I'm glad that "Mama" realizes I have reason to think everything is too good to be true - me, an older bunny girl, getting wooed by a handsome gentlebun and receiving lavish attention from the resident human. Don't pinch me yet, for if it's a dream, I want to enjoy it while I can.


A Big Bunny Welcome To.....

Julia Louise

Julia is an Hotot mix and about 7 years old, close to Calvin's age.

Julia's profile on the Indiana House Rabbits website. Julia was her name from the IHRS, and I've added Louise as her middle name because it fits her and her name. JLou will probably be her nickname.

She and Calvin will be going through bonding sessions, so I'll post updates on how the couple are doing as they iron out who's in charge.

Julia settled in pretty well last night. She felt comfortable enough this morning to box at me when I tried to pet her, so that made me feel good. She didn't eat all of her salad, but she has been enjoying the hay. She has a good view of Calvin, and they can get a good look at each other as they go through their day. Calvin sure had a puzzled expression on his face last night when I put Julia into her pen, the same expression he had the day Jessica moved into his house, sort of like "What is she doing here?"

Calvin got to meet a total of 6 girls yesterday for 5 dates, two girls being a bonded pair, and he got along best with Jenna and Julia. I ran the last round of dates, and Cal did well enough with Julia to have me pick her and not try Jenna again. Julia reminds me of a favorite teacher I had, sort of matronly and dignified.

More pics will be coming as she settles in.

Here's to a quick bonding and to a long life together. :-)


Friday, February 15, 2008

Jessica and Calvin on

Great news! I sent a copy of the first picture in the Last Photos of the Happy Couple posting to the Disapproving Rabbits website, and they picked it for their Valentine's Day posting. At least Cal and Jess weren't disapproving in all of their pics, though I know that they loved each other regardless of their "public" persona (personae?, personaes?) in the first photo.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Marja and Lil' Miss - The Two New Fosters

Marja and Lil' Miss, the two Dutch girls, have been with me for about a week and a half now. Lil' Miss is settling in well, but Marja is still very nervous. She really freaks out at the sound of plastic bags (she tried to disappear into a corner of her cage when I changed her litter box - the sound of the trash bag scaring her). I tried to comfort Marja by petting her and talking to her gently, but she was actually flinching when I touched her. I think that Marja was hit (she came from a basement breeding situation with about 90+ other rabbits), and she obviously has some post-traumatic stress going on.

Rabbits are such gentle creatures, and I just can't understand how someone can treat them (or any other kind of animal) so horribly.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Last Photos of the Happy Couple

I got the photos taken of Calvin and Jessica at the Red Door's Spa Day on Jan. 19th. They turned out wonderfully!

The last one's my favorite, with Calvin's smooshed face :-)

Jess has been gone for about a week now. Calvin and I are carrying on, but I can tell he's lonely. Hopefully next weekend we'll have a few bunny dates and the next Mrs. Calvin Parsley will join our warren.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Calvin - Single and Looking

Wanted: An older, single female rabbit for long grooming sessions, romantic dinners, and good conversation. Me - 7-ish-year-old chinchilla rabbit with sexy black eyelashes. My hobbies include eating, racing around, and showering my girl with affection. Recently widowed. A pair of younger ladies also would be interesting. Have my Mama wrapped around my little toe, so there are plenty of tasty treats to share. Are you the special girl for me?

Well, I've started the ball rolling on getting Calvin a new gal. The Indiana House Rabbit Society has some girls who might like to have a suitor, and there are also two pairs of bonded girls who might do well in a threesome. Keep your mind out of the gutter - this is a rated G blog ;-) I hope to get a girl closer to Calvin's age, but the choice is his to make.

Calvin is doing pretty well on his own. We've been having breakfast together in the morning, using the time that I usually spent giving Jessica her medicine and/or Critical Care. We've also been watching TV together at night, me sitting on the floor and Calvin stretched out not too far away. He watches me watching TV. Thrilling, I know. He hasn't withdrawn or cut down on eating, so he's adjusting well to bachelorhood. He and Jess had been together for almost 4 years. Hopefully he and his new girl(s) will have several good years together, too.

I'll keep you posted.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend was a busy one, rabbit-wise. Not only was I dealing with Jessica's illness (see below), but Nadia went to go live at the Merrillville Petco to await her forever home. (Photos and story below.)

And I drove down to Lafayette yesterday to pick up 2 new foster buns, Marja (pronounced Mar-ja, with the "j" pronounced like in French) and Lil' Miss. Both are Dutches, like Nadia, except that Marja is a blueish-gray and Lil' Miss an agouti (like a wild bunny). Both girls are a bit nervous yet, but they'll settle in fine. PJ is surrounded by both girls (one in a foster addition to his cage as an upstairs neighbor and the other on the floor in a Tommy cage, so he can make googoo eyes at her).

I made myself go down to Lafayette, basically dropping Calvin off back home before hitting the road, after what happened yesterday morning. I couldn't be the only girl here, and my empty nest feelings would have been twice as bad.

Calvin's doing pretty good, eating fine and liking the attention I give him. I'll spend most of the day downstairs with him, renewing our bond. It's so weird to be fixing salad for one again, not having to rip up the lettuce leaves (like I had to do for Jess after her incisors were removed), or to be able to pet Calvin without Her Majesty butting in and demanding all my attention. A new princess is out there somewhere, waiting for Prince Calvin Parsley to come and rescue her, but it's not time yet.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jessica Donna, 4-17-2004 - 1-27-2008

This morning, I had to say goodbye to my bunny girl, Jessica.

Yesterday morning, Jess wasn't eating, was lethargic, and obviously wasn't feeling well. She went through this a few weeks ago, so I just loaded her into the carrier and took her to the vet, thinking that we'll just do antibiotics and she'll be okay again, even if we had to start tracking down what the underlying problem was. The vet felt a mass on her left side, and she suggested we get an ultrasound down at Purdue this coming week. She gave me some pain medication and antibiotics to give to Jess, and she told me that she had the pager this weekend if I needed anything.

This morning, Jess was even worse. She hadn't even licked off the Critical Care that had gotten stuck on her lips last night when I syringe fed her, and she was barely able to swallow the little bit of pain meds I gave her this morning. Most of the antibiotic came back out when I gave it to her. She also moaned a few times when I was petting her head. I called my vet and was told that she'd be in at the hospital in an hour. When I put Jess back into her house, she could barely hop out of my arms. I didn't think there'd be much we could do for Jess, and I put her and Calvin both into the carrier when it was time to go to the vet.

They took a few x-rays, and they showed that nothing was moving in her GI tract. The mass wasn't anything diagnosable from an x-ray (like a kidney stone or something). The vet said that she could start Jess on IV fluids and some pain meds, but there was a very good chance that it wouldn't do anything. She gave me some time to think, and I already knew what we'd have to do, but I stood and stroked my girl for a few minutes before being able to say it.

We sat Jessica on the floor on a nice quilt. Calvin was on the floor, too, and hovered near her, coming to me, the doc, and the two techs for support. The doc gave Jess the injection. We all sat on the floor, stroking Jess and reassuring Calvin. After about 20 mins, Jess still wasn't gone, and the doc gave her a little more of the drug. We all knew how much spirit she had, and I joked that Jess was probably negotiating with God (like for how much papaya and oatmeal she'd get every day) before transitioning. At around 11am, Jess was gone. It was very peaceful, and I'm very thankful for that. This was the first time I had an animal euthanized, and it was the last gift I could give my special girl - to relieve her pain.

Calvin sat beside her for a little while after she was gone. He's so brave, like Jess was. I picked out a small wooden box for Jess's ashes (it can hold a photo, and it'll be engraved with her name, adoption date, and today's date) and a small, heart-shaped pendant to wear that will also have a small part of her ashes. I also clipped two chunks of Jess's fur to keep as a memento.

I asked the doc to do a necropsy, and it turns out that Jessica had cirrhosis of the liver. The doc thought that something might have been up with Jess's liver, for Jess's skin was a little yellowish this morning. The doc said that it wasn't anything that I had done, and I understand. We all must die sometime, and life will go on.

Calvin is doing okay tonight. I sat on the floor with him when I was watching TV. I think he really understands that Jess is gone. He hasn't looked for her at all. Bonded partners can grieve deeply for their lost friend, but Calvin is eating and showing signs that he'll be okay. When he's ready, we'll talk about getting him a new partner.

Jess left a hole in my heart that will never be filled, and I know she'll be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge when my time comes to go. She'll probably give me that look of hers and thump at me, because I won't have a treat for her. I'll have to remember to ask St. Peter for one so I don't go into our reunion empty handed. Or maybe I won't ask for one, so I can hear her thump at me just one more time.


Nadia - Now in the Merrillville Petco

Nadia is now in the Merrillville, IN, Petco, awaiting her forever home. Yesterday, the volunteer called me and said that Nadia did great. She didn't fight when she was taken out of the hexi cage, and she spent play time hopping all over the volunteer, demanding attention. That makes me feel so good, to have both foster buns I've had do so well. Nadia is a black Dutch - such a deep, gorgeous black, too, and a few white hairs on her blanket (ie, butt and hips) that make her not follow the breed standard.

Pics from my place:

Pics from Petco:

Even with her odd behavior, Nadia won me over. I would lie on the floor, propped up on my elbows reading, and she'd burrow her way under my underarm and lie there for a headrub with me leaning on her a little bit. It's like she wanted as much physical contact as possible. What a dear!

We're pulling for you, Nadia. I hope you get a great home, soon, though Kristie in Highland will hopefully find a home first.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

PJ Pics

Since I've uploaded photos of Kristie and she's no longer living with me, I have to give some equal billing to PJ, my sweet mini-rex.

He's starting to shed again (so is Jessica) - what's up with shedding in January?! It's still cold out!!


Kristie - Settling in Well at Petco

Kristie, my first foster bunny graduate, is settling in nicely at the Petco in Highland, IN.

Here are a few photos of Kristie during her last day as my foster:

And a few at Petco:

She used to just sit in her litterbox when she was out to play, but she's settled in nicely over the last few weeks. Now if she can just get a forever home!


Please Help Red Door Win Big $$

The Red Door Animal Shelter, where I adopted Calvin and Jessica, are in a national competition to win $50,000 from Parade Magazine.

Please take a few moments and sign-up to give $10. If you can't make a donation, please help spread the word! We're up to 97 donors right now.

Help Red Door Win!