Thursday, January 31, 2008

Calvin - Single and Looking

Wanted: An older, single female rabbit for long grooming sessions, romantic dinners, and good conversation. Me - 7-ish-year-old chinchilla rabbit with sexy black eyelashes. My hobbies include eating, racing around, and showering my girl with affection. Recently widowed. A pair of younger ladies also would be interesting. Have my Mama wrapped around my little toe, so there are plenty of tasty treats to share. Are you the special girl for me?

Well, I've started the ball rolling on getting Calvin a new gal. The Indiana House Rabbit Society has some girls who might like to have a suitor, and there are also two pairs of bonded girls who might do well in a threesome. Keep your mind out of the gutter - this is a rated G blog ;-) I hope to get a girl closer to Calvin's age, but the choice is his to make.

Calvin is doing pretty well on his own. We've been having breakfast together in the morning, using the time that I usually spent giving Jessica her medicine and/or Critical Care. We've also been watching TV together at night, me sitting on the floor and Calvin stretched out not too far away. He watches me watching TV. Thrilling, I know. He hasn't withdrawn or cut down on eating, so he's adjusting well to bachelorhood. He and Jess had been together for almost 4 years. Hopefully he and his new girl(s) will have several good years together, too.

I'll keep you posted.


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Rabbits' Guy said...

You've got the perfect plan for Calvin .. lucky Bunn! Good luck.