Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nadia - Now in the Merrillville Petco

Nadia is now in the Merrillville, IN, Petco, awaiting her forever home. Yesterday, the volunteer called me and said that Nadia did great. She didn't fight when she was taken out of the hexi cage, and she spent play time hopping all over the volunteer, demanding attention. That makes me feel so good, to have both foster buns I've had do so well. Nadia is a black Dutch - such a deep, gorgeous black, too, and a few white hairs on her blanket (ie, butt and hips) that make her not follow the breed standard.

Pics from my place:

Pics from Petco:

Even with her odd behavior, Nadia won me over. I would lie on the floor, propped up on my elbows reading, and she'd burrow her way under my underarm and lie there for a headrub with me leaning on her a little bit. It's like she wanted as much physical contact as possible. What a dear!

We're pulling for you, Nadia. I hope you get a great home, soon, though Kristie in Highland will hopefully find a home first.


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