Monday, September 08, 2008

Calvin Need a Hearing Aid?

Saturday night, the local PBS station was airing The Who Live at Kilburn concert. I thought, "Huh, too bad I won't get to watch much of it" because Calvin hates The Who. He'll start thumping and thumping and looking rather disturbed whenever I play their music.

Well, I watch and watch the concert, and no thumps. I know Calvin can hear, for he heard the crinkle of the Critterberries bag earlier that night and also came when I called his name.

Maybe his taste in music finally expanded, or else he just gave up. He never thumps at the neighbor kid's "music" (screaming, heavy bass and guitar - I'm still under 40, but I do see the difference between just noise and actual music), so I always wondered what made The Who so special.


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