Monday, April 27, 2009

The Scary Ceiling Fan

With the warmer weather, I decided to turn on the ceiling fan in the bunny room. Conner, who is in a cage closest to the ceiling, practically had a heart attack when I turned it on. (He's not right under it, and he's not at eye level with it, either.) Strange thing moving on ceiling must mean that it's going to kill him. He eventually settled down after I spoke to him soothingly. He freaked a little bit yesterday, too, even when I turned it off - as the fan slowly spun to a halt, it must have looked scarier or something.

This morning, Conner didn't even flinch when I turned it on. None of the other rabbits even noticed the fan, I don't think, though they did stand at attention when Conner was thumping and freaking out, to see if there was something they should be concerned about.

Poor buns - Mama just wants them to stay cool, and Conner thinks I'm out to get him. In all fairness, he was sold as a meat rabbit, too, so maybe the ceiling fan brings him nightmares of being at a Beni Hannas or something.


Pet Expo

Well, the Pet Expo appearance was a bit of a bust. I got to talk to a few people about rabbits, but I didn't really get to pass out much information. No donations, either, so next year I'm thinking about doing a raffle for a gift certificate or something.

Stewbun and Caspian did really well. Caspian is still mad at me for some reason. Stew got a little spooked at times, but he was a brave bun. I put on the sign hanging on his pen that he was raised as a meat rabbit, and people were touched by that story. Some people didn't know that rabbits were raised for meat, and he helped put a face on the idea of eating rabbit meat. I had a few people say that they couldn't eat a cute bunny like him, so maybe a few seeds were planted that will help rabbit rescue in the future.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Special Appearance

Capsian, Stew and I are going to a pet expo tomorrow at the Porter Co. Fairgrounds in Valparaiso, IN. Since I don't have foster buns any more, I've decided to drag the two buns of mine that should be the least freaked out when they see dogs and things. I'll have a display set up to talk about the Indiana House Rabbit Society and rabbits in general.

I was there last year for the IHRS, and not having any rabbits there hurt us, I think. I'll have printouts of the rabbits in the foster system, and I'm hoping Stew can change the thinking that pink-eyed buns are evil looking. Stew's such a sweetie, and his curious nature should mean that he'll handle the crowd well. Caspian will just be happy to be with me all day.

While I didn't get to do a lot of stuff that I wanted to in preparation for this year's event (like creating a game or quiz that people could take for a prize), I think having the buns there will help.

If any of my readers are in the NW Indiana area, please stop on by :-)


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Boys Are Awaiting....

The little lionheads are at my vet's office, awaiting their surgery. Poor Heath has something going on with his right eye. Last night, it was red and looked like he had scratched it too hard or something. This morning, there was more white ooze.

So, the babies and I got into the car and went to my vet. I was going to take them in on Sat. for their evaluation on incisor extraction, but we did it today instead. My vet might keep them a week or two before doing the surgery, just to see how bad the teeth get. Even though rabbits can function okay without their incisors, removing them should only be an option when the alternative is a lifetime of getting them trimmed. Not fun for the bun, even if they get knocked out for it.

So, Jake and Heath's cage remains empty awaiting their return. I didn't even get to take pics of them yet.


Monday, April 06, 2009

New Boys Have Names

Well, I told myself that I wouldn't name the new boys until I saw if they survived their teeth extraction surgery or not, but then I thought that I had to name them something so my vets have something to call them. So, the little black one is Jake and the chocolate is Heath. They're going to the vet on Sat. to get an evaluation done on their incisors to doublecheck that they should be removed.

I can't believe how little these guys are! Lionheads are only a few pounds, and these guys are probably only 1 1/2 pounds. They'll probably get a little bigger (they're only 2 months old), but they won't compare to any of the other kids. It is nice to have a pair of buns living together, and they certainly comfort each other as they learn the ropes of a new warren and the routine of a new Mama. Jake is the more timid of the two. Heath is more adventurous, but both are a bit wary of me yet. They have eaten their salad finally, and I'll have to see if they like treats.

Once their incisors are gone, I'll have to chop up salad and treats for them, like I had to do for Jessica after hers were removed. Since these guys are so small, I'll have to practically shred their lettuce and carrots for them so it will all fit in their mouths.


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Two New Boys

There are two new boys in the warren - both lionheads, one chocolate and one black. Both have incisor problems, and my vet is going to take a look at these teeth and probably remove them. Both she and my other vet needed practice buns, and hopefully these boys will be what they're looking for. They came from my landlady (she owns a rabbitry that breeds lionheads and some other breeds) and were born Feb. 5th. The chocolate one was supposed to be a girl, but the testicle fairy must have paid a visit. They don't have names yet (since one or both might not survive the surgery, I'm holding off naming them), but I'll post some pics when I take them. I've never had baby buns before, so having 2 two-month-olds should be interesting. They're living together, and hopefully will remain together after their surgery. Who knows? Maybe Julia or Jenna would like to have 2 bunny husbands....