Monday, November 27, 2006

More nicknames added

I added 3 more nicknames for either bun and 2 more for Jessica.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mama - "What I'm Thankful for"

I'm thankful for the two wonderful little creatures that fill my life with laughter and love - Calvin Parsley and Jessica Donna. I'm thankful when they mob me for treats, when they're stretched out under the coffee table, when they're cuddled up to me for a head rub. I'm thankful that they like at least some sort of music that I do, even if it's not Genesis or the Who.

I'm thankful that Red Door, the shelter where I adopted them from, is moving to a bigger location so they can help more rabbits, cats, and dogs find new forever homes.

I'm thankful for my parents, my grandparents, and all of my family and friends. I'm thankful for my new place, 2 floors of bliss and very quiet neighbors.

There's so much to be thankful for, but I'll leave the list as it is.

When shopping this holiday season, please remember homeless animals and donate something to a local shelter - money, supplies, or time. And animals are fellow creatures, not presents, and require time, love, and a commitment.


Calvin - "What I'm thankful for"

I'm thankful for Mama and for Jessica, the love of my life. I'm thankful for treats, especially dill and oatmeal. I'm thankful for fresh hay and trips to the Great Buffet (outside, when I take him out on his lead - Mama). I'm thankful for our new place - it's so much quieter than the old apartment, and there's more room to run and dance. I'm thankful that Mama goes to Meijer, the grocery store that has the best salad stuff (like dandelion, dill and mint), even though it's farther away than another store that doesn't carry all the great stuff she buys us. I'm thankful she knows that I don't like her taste in music and only plays the CD she bought for us (yes, there is a CD made just of music that bunnies like - why is that strange?) or classical stuff - Mozart piano music is playing right now, in fact.


Jessica - "What I'm thankful for"

I'm thankful for Mama. I'm thankful that she adopted me and puts up with my moods. I'm thankful she realized that I can't hear very well and has taught me a few signs in American Sign Language. I'm thankful for Calvin, even though he takes too many of my treats and smothers me with affection sometimes. I'm thankful for raisins and oatmeal. I'm thankful for long head rubs and fun places to hide. I'm thankful for days Mama buys new salad, for we run out of the good stuff before running out of lettuce and parsley.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cranberries - Proof that Buns Have an Odd Sense of Taste

The buns' grandparents bought me a food dehydrator earlier this year, so I bought some cranberries to dry out for bunny treats. (Both Calvin and Jessica love Oxbow's Critter Berries, a tableted form of herbs and stuff flavored with cranberries.)

On a whim, I decided to see if they liked plain cranberries before I went to the trouble of dehydrating them and finding out they didn't like them. (I know there are "Craisins," but they are sugared and, well, the buns don't need a sugar buzz.)

Calvin took a whiff at one cranberry and ate it right up. Jess hasn't eaten a whole one, but she's eaten half of one that Calvin had dropped. (They're a two-bite treat, I guess.) Calvin won't eat more than two or three at a time, but he does like them.

I had hoped to see what a rabbit "sour" face looked like, something like what a kid looks like after tasting real lemon for the first time, but he made no particular face at all. Dill after mint, and now plain cranberries without sugar. Remind me not to eat anything they prepare for dinner! :-)


Monday, November 20, 2006

Two new nicknames added

I added 2 more nicknames to the list of 11-11.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Nicknames for the buns

(Sorry it's been so long since there's been an update.)

The bunnies have a variety of nicknames, and I thought I'd share as many as I can think of.

Both Calvin and Jessica:
The Fuzzies; the Grusome Twosome; my bunnykindren; my fuzzy kids; my bunny overlords; the Fuzzy Duo

Either of them:
Hey, you with the tail; Fuzzball; Meatloaf (when they're sitting in the "hen" pose with their front legs tucked under them); Doorstop (ditto); The Sphinx (when they're sitting with their front legs ahead of them so they look like the Sphinx); Love Sponges (they soak up any love I give 'em)

Chinchilla Pants; Shedding Machine; Dancing Fool; The Brains; Handsome Boy; Dances on Underwear (he jumped up on the couch where I was folding laundry one night)

Radicchio Rustler; Beautiful Girl; Drooly McGee; Queen Diva of the Warren; The Braun; Piggy (she gets all excited and snorts while trying to find treats by smell); Crayola Ears (she gets a lot of wax build up in her ears and it has to be cleaned out); Superbunny (she'll sit with her front legs stuck way out, more than in the Sphinx pose); Needle Nails (her nails curl down, so they poke me like pins when she jumps on me sometimes)

I'll add more as I think of them.