Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend was a busy one, rabbit-wise. Not only was I dealing with Jessica's illness (see below), but Nadia went to go live at the Merrillville Petco to await her forever home. (Photos and story below.)

And I drove down to Lafayette yesterday to pick up 2 new foster buns, Marja (pronounced Mar-ja, with the "j" pronounced like in French) and Lil' Miss. Both are Dutches, like Nadia, except that Marja is a blueish-gray and Lil' Miss an agouti (like a wild bunny). Both girls are a bit nervous yet, but they'll settle in fine. PJ is surrounded by both girls (one in a foster addition to his cage as an upstairs neighbor and the other on the floor in a Tommy cage, so he can make googoo eyes at her).

I made myself go down to Lafayette, basically dropping Calvin off back home before hitting the road, after what happened yesterday morning. I couldn't be the only girl here, and my empty nest feelings would have been twice as bad.

Calvin's doing pretty good, eating fine and liking the attention I give him. I'll spend most of the day downstairs with him, renewing our bond. It's so weird to be fixing salad for one again, not having to rip up the lettuce leaves (like I had to do for Jess after her incisors were removed), or to be able to pet Calvin without Her Majesty butting in and demanding all my attention. A new princess is out there somewhere, waiting for Prince Calvin Parsley to come and rescue her, but it's not time yet.


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Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh dear, Oh dear. You must have such a soft heart and also a hard one to have bunnies. Sorry about the black pretty one. What to do, what to do ...

We have a bunny acting pretty bad right now too ... it is so hard.