Sunday, March 16, 2008

PJ is on His Honeymoon....

With Jenna

She's about 3 years old, and she's 3.5 lbs., about a half pound smaller than PJ.

She doesn't have a middle name yet. She and PJ hit it off so well yesterday that she was his first, last, and only bunny date! She's currently whipping him into shape so he knows that she'll groom him but also expects to be groomed.

At one point during their date, they both sat in the litterbox. Jenna actually gave him a little kiss before hopping out of the box. She sat for a few seconds on the floor, then hopped right back in!

They got along so well that they're "shacking up" already. There have been several chases through the cage, with Jenna doing the chasing, but she always kisses him and makes up. They are well matched, too, and photos of the happy couple will be along shortly. There has been some mounting behavior as they sort out who wears the pants in the family, but it doesn't seem to be hurting PJ's back when it happens (she's been mounting him more than t'other way around).

When it was play time yesterday, they didn't come out of the cage. I guess the honeymooners didn't want to leave their hotel room ;-)

The only problem that there might be is that she's eating all of his food! I hope PJ can keep up with her so he gets to eat, too.



Rabbits' Guy said...

Good news!!! but, Oh yes ... now I remember ... it takes so long for a bonded pair and their "keepers" to figure out the right amount of food and for both to eat their share!!!

Even tonight, after years of together, Zoey is not too hungry and Baxter is eating everybody's stuff!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Sounds like a lot of excitement at your place! Congratulations to PJ for finding the perfect soul mate!