Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nadia - In Need of Some Lithium

Well, Nadia has certainly made an impression on me. This little foster bun has had a very hard life in her 2 years or so - she was kept in a dismal basement and bred. Her Dutch markings aren't up to breed standards, but her former owner must not have cared.

Anyway, she boxes. A lot. Last night I entered her temporary pen (upstairs on my landing/hallway), and she was attacking my feet and legs. Needless to say, I wore shoes this morning when I entered to freshen her hay and water and give her salad. Of course since I was prepared, she didn't box.

She is a loveable rabbit, though, liking headrubs, though she's a bit pushy. We have to work on her manners and her tolerance for other buns. I've had to lock her up in her carrier and take her downstairs so PJ and Kristie could have some relaxing out time (though Kristie still pellet marks outside of Nadia's pen to show Nadia who has claim to that real estate).

I enjoy a challenge, and taming this Dutch beauty will certainly be one!


Monday, December 10, 2007

New Foster Bun Afoot

Kristie, my lovely black and white foster bun, goes to Petco this week (likely this coming Sat.) to await a forever home. I drove down to Indianapolis yesterday to pick up a new foster bun for me and one for another foster mom. My new girl is Nadia, named after Nadia Comaneci (I disagree with the Romanization of her name on Wikipedia, where this spelling came from), the Russian gymnast, after her spectacular back flip into her litter box when she was first rescued. She's a black and white Dutch, though her markings aren't up to par for the show world. She has a few behaviorial problems that we'll be working through - she likes to box at you - so it'll be a while before she's ready to go to Petco to await a good home.

Thumbelina, a little gray/tan Netherland Dwarf, will go to Petco when Lane gets adopted. Kristie was going to fill Lane's spot, but a bun at a different Petco (Andie) is getting adopted first. I'll still get to see my Kristie-Doodle, as I call her, when I volunteer at the other Petco. I'll be taking pics of Kristie this week and will post them. I'll take some of Nadia, too, if she cooperates :-) And pics of PJ, since he's not on here yet, either.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kristie - A Thankful Foster Bunny

I'm Kristie. I was rescued from the same shelter that PJ was, even on the same day. I'm so glad to be out of there!

I'm so thankful to the IHRS for rescuing me, and for getting me spayed. Now I can focus on what's around me and not my hormones.

I'm thankful for my foster Mama, even though she seems to get upset when I taste-test her books. Doesn't she know I'm a curious bun and see the world through my nibbling? I'm not yet 2 years old, so she needs to cut me some slack. She even keeps me from getting back into the really cool, dark closet I got into once. I've spent many nights trying to get back into it, but she keeps thwarting my efforts. (Wow, thwarting is such a big word. Must have been in some scrap of newspaper I ate.)

I'm thankful it's so quiet here at Mama's, and that I can rip newspaper and hide. I don't like it when she picks me up to take me out for playtime. She says that I'll have to put up with this when I go to Petco, whatever that means. I don't really want to leave here except to go to my forever home, so maybe someone will adopt me before I have to go there.

I'm thankful for my foster Grampy, who I got a crush on when we went to his house for a week. I'd tease him by sniffing his finger but then moving away when he tried to scratch my head. I did lick him, though, so the bunny kiss told him all he needed to know :-) I've given my foster Mama bunny kisses, too.

I'm thankful for yummy salad, long spaces to be able to race around, and for full-frontal headrubs. I'm thankful that I can dance and rip newspaper and hide and be a bunny.

I'm thankful that my foster Mama has told me that I'll always have a home here if anything ever happens to me after I get a forever home.


PJ - "What I'm Thankful for"

Hi, I'm the new guy. I have so much to be thankful for!

I'm thankful that the Indiana House Rabbit Society rescued me from the local animal shelter. I had been there for at least 3 months, but it felt like forever! It was so loud there - dogs barking, cats meowing (us rabbits are kept in the same room as the cats, and there aren't any windows or anything between that room and where the dogs are), and all sorts of smells. I had been "Mr. Boo" because of my tatooed ear. It really reads MRBR0, which means Mini-Rex Brindle and the number zero. I had been at the shelter long enough to know not to overturn my pellet bowl, for that would mean I wouldn't have food until they cleaned my cage the next day. I had to sit on a pressed steel floor that was a lot like wire, and it was uncomfortable. I had a big lump under my chin, too.

I'm thankful that Mama adopted me. The IHRS got me neutered and the lump removed from under my chin. They thought that I might have cancer, but I didn't. Now I have a nice solid floor under me, water and pellets galore, plus salad and hay and, best of all, love and attention. For over 6 years, I was kept outside and even had tapeworms. I still have some in me, but they can't hurt anyone. I have problems with goopy stuff coming out of my butt, and I continue to have urine scald because of the goo. Mama loves me anyway, even though I sort of smell. She calls me "Goo Boy" sometimes, but I don't mind. I show her how much I love her by licking her hands and arms when she's scratching my back, neck and sides where I can't reach. I'm not very flexible (the bones in my back are joining together, so I can't reach around real well to scratch or groom), but Mama knows that and scratches my itches.

With my age and problems, I don't know how I escaped being euthanized. But I'm so glad I did. I'm getting a lot of lovin' and my Mama understands me and gives me what I've always wanted.


Jessica - "What I'm Thankful for" 2007

I'm thankful that I'm feeling better. Even though I still devour Critical Care so I feel good, it's nice to not have my teeth hurting me anymore. I've heard Mama talk about getting my peg teeth out - the two little teeth on the top have grown back - but she's assured me that it won't be as bad as when I got all of my front teeth out. (Dr. Ladd, who I tolerate, will do it, so we don't have to go to Purdue, either.)

I'm thankful for papaya, both dried and regular. Mama got me some fresh papaya when we came home from my surgery. I didn't know what it was at first, but I soon figured it out.

I'm thankful that I've learned how to use my lips for stuff, like picking up oatmeal so I can eat it. I used my front teeth for so much, so I've had to adapt. Mama tells me that people have to adapt to stuff sometimes, too, so I don't feel bad about it.

I'm thankful that I got to meet my Great-Grammies when we went to Grampy's house. Mama told me that my middle name was Grammy's name, and I'm sad that I never got to meet her.


Calvin - "What I'm Thankful for" 2007

I'm thankful that I'm still with Mama, and that my girl, Jessica, is still here.

I'm glad that Jessica got her front teeth removed. Now when she beats me up, she can't rip my fur out. (Okay, I still rip her fur out, but I just love her so much that I can't help it.)

I'm thankful for the yummy treats Mama got when we were visiting Grampy - dried banana chips, dried cranberries (unsweetened), and huge dried papaya pieces. And of course, I still am thankful for oatmeal and raisins.

I'm thankful that Mama has been around more. I guess she left school, so that means she's home every evening and we get lots of play time.


Mama - "What I'm Thankful for" 2007

I'm thankful that I've gotten involved with the Indiana House Rabbit Society, rescuing rabbits. I'm a "bunny buddy" to an IHRS rabbit at the local Petco, and I have a foster bun, Kristie, that will go to the Petco program when the current bun gets adopted. I also took an IHRS bun, Mimzy, down to Indianapolis for vet care. (She wasn't able to sit or hop - she'd fall over onto her right side. She was eating and moving around as best as she could. From what I understand, she's made a great recovery.)

I'm thankful that PJ came to live with me. I don't know how long he'll be around, with his age and health issues, but he's the sweetest little guy. I'm glad to give him the lovin' he never got before.

I'm thankful for the amazing new car that can fit 2 cages (1 completely and 1 semi-disassembled), 3 carriers, hay, salad, toys/bowls, pellets, and my stuff. It's come in handy when we went to Purdue to get Jess's front teeth removed and when we went back to PA after my Mom passed away. I couldn't have fit half of this stuff in my old car.

I'm thankful for my job, which keeps my buns in salad and hay. I like the job for much more than just for that, but this is a bunny blog, after all :-)


Updates coming...

Sorry it's been so long since the buns' blog has been updated. I'll be adding new stuff over the next few days. So much to add: a new bun has joined our warren - PJ; a foster bun - Kristie - has been living with us, too; and the buns' Grammy passed away.

Photos of the new buns coming soon, too.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Three years later....

Three years ago today, Calvin and I went to Red Door to get him a buddy. Jessica was the last bun we saw and, while it wasn't love at first sight (yes, buns do this, bonding instantly), Calvin's life got a lot brighter. Despite health problems, especially her teeth, Jess has been so sweet and sassy and adorable. For her special "gotcha" day, I bought some of her favorite treats - papaya - and a new treat, a mix of hay, tiny pine cones, and flower petals.

Jess will be getting her front teeth removed in a few weeks. Surprisingly, it isn't that expensive, and it's the best chance we have of getting her molars back the way they should be - nice and even. I'll drop Jess and Calvin off in the morning and pick them up in the evening. I've been brushing Jess every night since Sunday, since she'll not be able to groom the way she's used to once her teeth are removed. Since she won't be able to pluck chunks of hair from herself (or Calvin), I want to make sure she stays looking mah-velous.

Jess... 3 years later and still a bundle of personality :-)


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Teeth, the Bread and Butter of a Bun

Jessica has had trouble with her teeth for quite a while. Her left front tooth is curving to the left, and her molars are "stairstepped" or uneven. I've heard from two vets that it might be best to have her front teeth removed in order to keep them from growing too much and making her molars not meet when her mouth is closed.

I don't know how much the surgery would be, but she'd likely have to stay overnight at the vet to make sure she's eating again. I'd have to chop up her carrots and probably make lettuce and things into smaller pieces, since she couldn't bite stuff off after her front teeth are removed. I really am agonizing over this, for I feel like it'd be mutilating Jess, even if it'd help her in the long run. Hopefully I'll get to talk to our vet here in Indiana and ask her if their removal would really fix the problem with her molars. Financially (and emotionally, for Jess), that would make it worthwhile, though I'd still feel like a horrible Mom.

Jess doesn't chew on things too much (Calvin has the corner on that market), but she does use her front teeth a lot when she grooms herself, pulling out loose tufts of fur and eating them. (She also pulls hunks of Cal's fur out, too, so she wouldn't be able to do that anymore, either.) That isn't good for her digestive system, eating that much hair, but since buns groom so much, I don't know if just using her lips and tongue will give her as much satisfaction. She'd still be able to inhale parsley and stuff (lips help feed in food, even if she can't rip stuff up using just her lips) since she doesn't use her front teeth for that, and I'm watching her to see what else she'd be unable to do if the teeth were removed.

My poor, sweet, sassy girl.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Tail

Ever since Jess had her teeth ground down and evened out a few weeks ago, she has been so active. She zips around a lot, more than she ever has since coming to live with us almost 3 years ago. What I most love is when she shakes her tail. Both Jess and Cal will shake all over, sometimes as a "half-binky" and sometimes just as a shudder. When Jess shakes just her tail, though, it tells me how happy she is. It's like when a duck shakes its tail when it settles onto water or is feeling pleased with itself. Between the tail and the bouncing ears when she hops along, I just can't help but smile at her Royal Cuteness :-)


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hoppy Spring :-)

I took the buns out for a hop today, individually since Jess runs around while Calvin is fairly stationary. Calvin went first today, and he didn't eat as much of the Great Outdoor Buffet as he usually does. There were noisy cars and an occasional motorcycle which made him a bit frightened, and he chewed on his harness a bit, too. I'm sure he'll get used to being out again - hopefully I can take him out every weekend.

Jess, as usual, didn't let any noise or strange sights bother her at all. She ran all over the place, so I got a workout, too. I think she actually played with me at one point. She ran ahead three feet, then turned sideways to get me to catch up, then ran ahead again and turned, and did it once more. It was like she was playing Follow the Leader. She hadn't ever done that before, so I think she might have been having fun. She almost got out of her harness as I was grabbing her to bring her back inside. I love how her ears bounce up and down when she runs :-)


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Improvements :-)

I've finally updated the buns' blog to include subjects, so that old posts are indexed and easy to find. Have fun going back and reading your favorite stories of the fuzzy exploits of the Fuzzy Duo.



Today, I trimmed the buns' toenails. Calvin was pretty good today - I only had to trance him a few times, but otherwise he let me touch and handle his feet while he was awake. The first time I trimmed his nails, almost 4 years ago, I cut one nail a little too short, and it bled a little. And it happened again today. That's why Mama keeps stiptic powder handy. If his nails weren't so dark, it'd be a whole lot easier. I'm sure Calvin thinks it'd be a whole lot easier if I just left his feet alone ;-)


Thursday, March 08, 2007

When the Girlfriend Moved In

The other day, I had to smile when I watched Calvin do his little "I love you" dance when Jessica came hopping over after I opened the door to their house. When Jess first came to live with us, I had to bond the two of them, basically get them used to each other. They fought, and I had to intervene a few times. I know Jess and I both have scars to show for it, and I can assume that Cal got a couple, too.

Well, after a few weeks, I would turn the two of them loose in the apartment after their bonding session. (Bonding should happen on neutral ground, so neither bun is too territorial.) Calvin went into Jessica's house a few times, but she wasn't near by. (I was afraid she'd get mad at finding him in her home - a one level cage - when Cal had the big, two story bunny condo. And yes, that's really what they're called.)

I had wondered when bonding was over - when I could house them together without trouble. Then on Mother's Day 2004, Jessica decided it for me. She hadn't gone into the condo at all on her tour of the apartment, although she gave it some sniffs and knew who lived there. Well, she just jumps on in and immediately goes upstairs, where the litterbox/hay was and the stellar view of my messy apartment. Calvin hopped in shortly after, and he went upstairs. I was tense, afraid he'd kick her out or fight, since she was on his turf. Nothing happens....still nothing....then Calvin gets this odd look on his face, like he couldn't understand what she was doing in his bachelor pad.

I laughed, for he really did look perplexed, and I said, "Calvin, that's what happens when you give your girlfriend the keys to your place. She'll move in when you're not looking." :-) She hasn't put up pink curtains or tossed out his old couch, but she does snatch food from his mouth. I think he's down with that, though :-)