Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Caspian at Work

Last Thursday, we were getting out of work early to get a jump start on the holiday. I asked my boss if I could bring in Caspian to "cute-n up the office" - she said yes. So, Caspian got to come to work. I should have brought my camera.

Everyone loved him, especially when I put him down on the floor and he went hopping around, entering other peoples' cubicles and offices at whim. (I work in publishing.) The production group really loved seeing him hop around, especially since his lop ears bounce and he moves along. He even did a few binkies, though mostly out of sight of his adoring fans. He stretched out on the floor in the hallway, too, for a little bit. He stayed that way until I brought some of the gang over to check it out and one touched his big fuzzy feet and made him sit back up again.

I think Caspian liked being here with me, and it was nice to have somebun cuddly here at work.



FrecklesandDeb said...

How cool! Sounds like Caspian made a few friends. An office bunny could really brighten a few jobs!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Bunns at Work - the Movie!

Aww bummer about those foster bunns and their troubles. We have had a few big bunns too that just would not be calm and content with people. A hard situation.