Thursday, November 24, 2005

What I'm thankful for (Calvin)

I'm thankful for yummy salad and hay, for getting to race around the apartment, and for getting to lie around and relax and not have to worry about who will take care of me. I am thankful for Jessica. This is our second Thanksgiving together, and having another rabbit in the house to talk to and share thoughts with is the best. I'm thankful for treats and for balconies that are fun to dance on. I'm very thankful for not having to go to school like Mama is, for that sociology stuff is hard! I'm thankful for Mama and for her choosing me for her first pet rabbit ever.


What I'm thankful for (Jessica)

I'm thankful for having a Mama that loves me despite my love of shredding paper and my lop ears that are so hard to keep clean. I'm thankful for hay, clean litterboxes with fresh newspaper to shred, and let's not forget treats. I'm thankful that Calvin chose me to come home with him and Mama. I'm thankful for getting to race around, to explore behind nooks and crannies, and to get nice, long grooming sessions from Calvin and headrubs from Mama.


What I'm thankful for (Mama)

As I sat down to dinner, I gave thanks for my two little fuzzy stress relievers. I am so thankful that there are shelters and rescue groups that take in rabbits and find them homes. I'm thankful that Jessica recovered from her ear infection earlier this year, a very scary time for me when I had to leave her at the hospital for a few days. I'm thankful that they are both happy, healthy, and active. I'm thankful for being able to provide hay and salad for them, when most pet rabbits are fed commercial pellets that have to be so very boring.

And most of all, I am thankful that I didn't have to leave my pets behind like the victims of Hurricane Katrina did, for my buns are my kids and my family.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, and give thanks for the little fuzzy beasts in your life :-)


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Mama's revenge

Tonight just happened to be the night that Jessica's ears needed cleaning. (They get cleaned once a week - lop ears are hard for the rabbits to keep clean themselves.) If she tries to tell you that it was done as revenge for her little project, don't believe her, no matter how cute she looks. :-)


Bunny projects (Mama's point of view)

"Rip, rip, fling. Rip, rip, fling."

"Fling, fling, rip. Fling, fling, rip."

"I'm a bulldozer."

"Uh, oh. It's a reporter. I'll be all over the tabloids for this."

Yes, bunnies love their little projects. I heard this one beginning last night after I went to bed. Now, I could have gotten up and tried to intervene, but rabbits can be stubborn (especially my little diva, Jessica). The best I could have done was throw the construction (or should I say, destruction) timetable off by an hour or two.

When I got up this morning, newspaper was everywhere in their cage. If I put the shredded paper back into the litterbox, Jessica will jump in and fling it back out. Calvin does contribute to the chaos here and there, but I think Jess was the forerabbit on this project. She was acting like a groundhog earlier, digging and pushing like a bulldozer. I don't know if she's trying to dig a warren to live in for the winter (her wild, European ancestors lived underground) or if she's trying to help the guys in the show Prison Break bust out.

Living with rabbits is always a fun time :-)


Bunny projects (Jessica's point of view)

"Some shots of my masterpiece."

Mama cleaned our litterbox last night, but something about how it was set up really bothered me. So, I decided to remodel.

You see, rabbits like to have little projects. We enjoy ripping paper, digging, flinging things around - so how perfect is it to rip up the newspaper lining the bottom of the litterbox and fling it all over the place? Talk about fun. I could do this all night and all day.

In fact, I think I will :-)


[I helped, too, but I'll let Jessica take the fall. I know where the treats come from, so I have to make sure my bunny halo is on straight. - Calvin]