Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cassanda - Big, Bold Girl

Cassandra mastered going up and down stairs last night. It took Nadia several days to get the hang of them. I guess Cassandra's size helped. Cass even went back into her house on her own, going down the stairs and into her pen (not far from the bottom of the stairs). I'm going to see if she'll go up the stairs for play time on her own, too.

She was dancing all over and even flopping in bliss when she was out last night. She's such a joyful rabbit. Someone is going to get a great bun when they adopt her.


Bunny Swap

Well, Lil' Miss went back to her old foster home yesterday. She's going to be a regular foster rabbit instead of a Petco rabbit. She'd do much better in regular foster care, and I don't think she'd do well in the store when space became available.

So, now I have Greta. Greta is the most scared of all the rabbits from the big rescue of Dutches that the IHRS did (basement breeder, so the rabbits weren't socialized at all). Nadia came from that group, and she's doing great at Petco.

Greta freaks out when you walk into the room, so she's going to need some special TLC to bring her around. She has a box to hide in, and she dragged her salad into it last night. She opted not to come out for play time, but hopefully tonight I can entice her out.

I put Greta in Marja's old cage and moved Marja to the "big girl cage" - it's above PJ and Jenna's cage, so I have to pick Marja up to bring her out for play time, hence the "big girl" (ie, mentally and emotionally ready for being picked up) part of the name :-) Marja is being bolder, and she likes being up higher. Plus she puts her head down as I walk by, asking for a headrub, so I indulge her. Hopefully I can get her to demand headrubs (rip book out of my hands so I pay attention to her instead, etc.).


Carson is Pasteurella Positive

But it looks like the vet tech at my clinic is going to adopt Carson, which would be great since he'd be the only rabbit. He is such a sweet rabbit, and he doesn't even fight me when I give him the medicine.

He's doing a lot better, so the TMS is helping. Hopefully he'll go to his new home next week or the week after. Until then, he's getting spoiled at my house :-)


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Carson Update

Carson went to the vet today. He'd been sneezing and wheezing a bit since I met him last Wed. We did a culture for Pasteurella, and hopefully he won't have it. He has to stay away from the other buns, including a separate play area, and it might mess up his chances to get into Red Door to await adoption. A tech at the hospital liked him, and she's going to work on her hubby and hopefully get his okay and give Carson a home :-)

I did get some pics at him while we were at the vet. He was very good for the doc and the techs, by the way.

He did get his nails trimmed while we were there, too. His teeth are a little wavy, but he'll be eating a lot more hay than he used to so it should take care of itself. I guess he's overweight, too - 6.4 lbs. He didn't look bigger than Calvin, but he's about about half a pound on my Chinchilla Boy.

One pic from him at home:

Who wouldn't love a face like this?


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bunny Layover

A co-worker had a friend who needed to find a rabbit a new home. So, there's another little guy in my place. He's a neutered male mini-lop, white with orangy-brown and black spots. I've named him Carson for now, and I'm hoping he can get into Red Door's foster program.

The IHRS doesn't take owner surrenders, so I took Carson in as a private individual, letting his former caretaker know that. He's adorable, so he'll go fast once his name and story are in front of prospective new parents. Photos will be taken and posted soon.

(I should just do a huge photo spread on the blog with everybun's name and story. Lord knows I almost need something like that, since I keep calling some of the kids by the wrong names.)

I think it's time I take the "Bunnies are Always Welcome" sign that my parents got me down off my wall, huh? He makes the 9th bun currently in residence!

I hope adoptions pick up soon so my foster buns can go into Petco and work their magic on prospective adopters, especially before the shelters get flooded with ex-Easter bunnies.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two New Fosters....

Two weeks ago, I went to the county animal shelter and pulled a cute bun for the IHRS foster program. She was "Mulan" and after flipping her, I saw she wasn't a girl at all. The name "Tabitha" I had picked out for the bun had to be tossed, and I decided on Mario. He's a Tan rabbit, a breed with orange on the belly, neck, feet, tail, inner ears, and nostrils. He's really handsome. He was given up because the owner had allergies, and he's about a year old. He was neutered last Friday, so he's still a little sore. You can tell that his last owner was a little girl, both from his former name and from how much he loves attention.

One week ago, I went back to the shelter to pull the big girl that was given up by her owner because they couldn't care for her any more. I had promised her that I would get her out of there, and I did feel a bit guilty picking Mario over her. She's 7.7 lbs and a Rex mix. Her fur is short like a Rex, but the texture is more like a regular rabbit's coat. She's a lovely brown. She was spayed yesterday, but she's recovering well. I'm really tempted to adopt her, for she's such a great rabbit. She loves attention, and is always begging for headrubs when I walk by. She's getting spoiled, for I usually indulge her, even if for just a quick few rubs.

Pics will be coming soon. For being spayed and neutered, the number of buns at my house sure seems to multiply! :-)


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Calvin and Julia Bonding Update

Love must be in the air. Calvin and Julia had a really great bonding session tonight. I think part of the reason was that I changed the layout of the bonding space, and I also lay on the floor reading for a good part of it. Julia wasn't able to hide behind me and wasn't able to climb up me like a tree. She did hop on my back a few times, but it wasn't a hinderance to the session.

I got Calvin to groom her for a while, and Julia actually sat near him for quite some time, not running away. She didn't thump at all today, and I think that me being stretched out on the floor helped put her at ease.

I can't wait until she and Calvin can "shack up."


PJ is on His Honeymoon....

With Jenna

She's about 3 years old, and she's 3.5 lbs., about a half pound smaller than PJ.

She doesn't have a middle name yet. She and PJ hit it off so well yesterday that she was his first, last, and only bunny date! She's currently whipping him into shape so he knows that she'll groom him but also expects to be groomed.

At one point during their date, they both sat in the litterbox. Jenna actually gave him a little kiss before hopping out of the box. She sat for a few seconds on the floor, then hopped right back in!

They got along so well that they're "shacking up" already. There have been several chases through the cage, with Jenna doing the chasing, but she always kisses him and makes up. They are well matched, too, and photos of the happy couple will be along shortly. There has been some mounting behavior as they sort out who wears the pants in the family, but it doesn't seem to be hurting PJ's back when it happens (she's been mounting him more than t'other way around).

When it was play time yesterday, they didn't come out of the cage. I guess the honeymooners didn't want to leave their hotel room ;-)

The only problem that there might be is that she's eating all of his food! I hope PJ can keep up with her so he gets to eat, too.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PJ - Looking for Love

PJ and I are going down to Indy on Sat. to see if any of the girls in the IHRS system who seem to want a partner strike his fancy. I know he'd really love a girl to lick and love, and I hope we find somebun.

She'll have to be pretty special. With PJ's back and general fraility, I couldn't put him through bonding sessions like Calvin and Julia are doing, so he and his bunny bride would basically have to fall in love at first sight.

Keep your fingers crossed, everyone, and let's hope my boy PJ can find the girl of his dreams. :-)


Julia is Bonding....

But with me! Julia is terrified of Calvin for some reason. She will approach him, groan, then run away, thumping as she comes to stop behind me.

Last night, I got to play "tree" to Julia's "squirrel." I usually sit with my back against the wall, in the corner beside my bedroom door, during bonding sessions. Julia likes to hide behind me, even if she has to squeeze herself between me and the door to get away from that "evil" boy, Calvin. She finally got the hint that I won't let her squish into that spot any more. (I will usually move and set her back out in the open when she hides.)

So, Julia decided to get on my lap, climb up the front of me, and get on to my shoulders, groaning and obviously upset at Calvin for *GASP* sniffing at her gently. As I sat there with a rabbit around my neck, trying not to laugh myself silly, I did feel bad for Julia. I mean, that must be one desperate rabbit to go hiding behind someone's head.

I might stir things up a little bit and put Julia and Calvin into the same carrier (a bigger one that neither have been in before) and take them on a car ride. That's supposed to get rabbits to join together against the horrible sensation of car travel. I'm going to wait a week or two to see if Squirrel Girl will relax any more with Calvin.

But at least she knows I won't let Calvin hurt her, so that's something, I guess.