Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Member of the Warren

Okay, so yesterday I go to the Porter County shelter to help with the five rabbits they had. I was going to sex them and take some photos for their website. I go in and see four of the rabbits in the cages they usually use for them, and I look for the fifth bun. (They usually use a Tommy cage or something similiar for the "overflow".) I go around the corner behind the one small wall, and come face to face with this face:

If Calvin and Jessica would have been able to have kids, I'm sure they would have looked like him! So, I had him briefly checked at my vet (along with Rose), then we swung back to the shelter for me to fill out adoption forms on him. He was surrendered to the shelter on 5/27 (they thought he was a girl). And I was able to see why he was surrendered after interacting with him at the vet's office. If you looked up "randy" in the dictionary, you'd see a pic of his fuzzy face! If it moves, he wants to mount it - my leg, my hand, my chest if I'm holding him. Needless to say, he's getting neutered Monday.

His name is Caspian Peter. And yes, I'm a long-time Narnian!

More updates and pics later. The boy barely sits still and hasn't eaten much. As soon as he sees me, he goes nuts trying bust out and have his way with me. Hopefully the surgery will put a stop to his Oedipal complex.



The Bunns said...

STANLEY! You look just like our STANLEY! Quick - is Stanley missing? Nope - he's here eating his oats. Hmpffff

Well then, that boy will be a good addition once he settles down. Stanley is a cupcake.

White_Stix said...

He's at the vet now getting neutered, and I know Caspian will be a very sweet boy once he starting thinking with something other than his jingles :-)

FrecklesandDeb said...

Oh, my! Caspian Peter sounds like quite a boy! Hope all goes well!