Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Caspian, the Explorer

I had Caspian out tonight a couple of times - the first, in a snuggle session on the couch when I got home from work; the second, upstairs while I lay on the floor reading. Well, after ump-teen million times of him, um, getting frisky, with various parts of me (shoulders, legs, head, etc.), he will stretch out to rest for a few seconds (30, tops), then be back grunting, circling, and showing his misplaced lust. Tonight, I lay reading undisturbed for 45 seconds, then turned to see where Caspian was. He was down three stairs! With me chaperoning/spotting him, he went down to the last step, where I scooped him up and said that if he got too close to Harrison, Harry would eat him. I mean, Harry is twice Caspian's size, easily.

What a quick learner! I guess if he can't get me interested in what's he's selling, he'll go find someone who is :-)


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Caspian, the Cuddle Bunny

Finally, Caspian's amorous advances are slowing down. He still jumps from one end of his house to the other when he sees me, and I've finally figured out why. He wants to be held! Is he the oddest bun or what? When I hold him, he just nestles his head under my chin or on my shoulder and just laps up the attention. The first night I held him, he was licking my face and neck. He will give the occasional grooming nip, and sometimes his love switches to the kind that shouldn't be shown by a boy to his Mama, but otherwise he's the quintessential lap rabbit.

I finally got a cuddler!! :-)


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Am I a Bad Mama....

To be laughing at Caspian's, um, problem? He's still very randy, and he's been launching himself at me if I have the top door to his house open. He'll then try to attach himself to my arm and molest me. Well last night, I was bent over and talking to him while standing near the short side of his cage. No door or anything nearby - just the bars between us. He flings himself at me and I hear "clunk" as he hits the metal bars of his cage. I couldn't help but laugh. I could almost hear him thinking "WO-MAN! WO-MAN!" like he was a cave-bun or something. The incident didn't even slow him down.

So am I a bad bunny Mom to laugh at this?


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Caspian - Doing Well

Caspian has calmed down a tiny bit from his surgery. He's definitly eating more (though not lettuce), and there is no swelling or redness or anything from the incision or empty spots. I do still have to pin him to the floor of his house with one hand so my other hand can handle the pellet and water bowls (literally) unmolested. I'm going to take him in on Sat. to get him microchipped.


"Shop for Hop" is Now Open

In an effort to raise some money for rabbit rescue-related causes, I am crafting items to sell on

WhiteStix's Shop for Hop

People who order from me can choose where the donation (listed for each item) will go - Red Door (no-kill shelter/foster system), the Indiana House Rabbit Society (rescue/foster system), or an emergency fund that I'll send to help with costs entailed from big seizures of rabbits anywhere in the US.

I'll be making several other kinds of afghans (including a doll-sized version of the one there now), heavy and warm winter scarves, and (if I can figure the patterns out) stuffed rabbits. I'm hoping to come up with some bunny-safe crocheted toys to make, so I'll keep everyone posted. My kids (foster and otherwise) don't play with the stuffed carrot I have now, but other buns might love to toss a carrot-shaped toy with jingles in it.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Member of the Warren

Okay, so yesterday I go to the Porter County shelter to help with the five rabbits they had. I was going to sex them and take some photos for their website. I go in and see four of the rabbits in the cages they usually use for them, and I look for the fifth bun. (They usually use a Tommy cage or something similiar for the "overflow".) I go around the corner behind the one small wall, and come face to face with this face:

If Calvin and Jessica would have been able to have kids, I'm sure they would have looked like him! So, I had him briefly checked at my vet (along with Rose), then we swung back to the shelter for me to fill out adoption forms on him. He was surrendered to the shelter on 5/27 (they thought he was a girl). And I was able to see why he was surrendered after interacting with him at the vet's office. If you looked up "randy" in the dictionary, you'd see a pic of his fuzzy face! If it moves, he wants to mount it - my leg, my hand, my chest if I'm holding him. Needless to say, he's getting neutered Monday.

His name is Caspian Peter. And yes, I'm a long-time Narnian!

More updates and pics later. The boy barely sits still and hasn't eaten much. As soon as he sees me, he goes nuts trying bust out and have his way with me. Hopefully the surgery will put a stop to his Oedipal complex.



Hi, everyone. A quick update before announcing a new permanent member of the warren.

Harrison escaped again yesterday, somehow getting the sheet that's covering his pen off enough to see the ceiling and know he could jump/climb out. I don't think he was out long (I was out doing errands) before I caught him in the kitchen and put him back into his house. He didn't seem any the worse for wear. He's finally off kennel rest, too, and he got to explore the upstairs play area Friday night. He mastered the stairs as quickly as Cassandra did!

Speaking of Cassandra, I guess she's trying to bite the Petco employees when they go into her hexiglass cage to clean and refresh her pellets, etc. She was cage possessive here, too, so hopefully she'll either calm down or the Petco employees will learn a few tricks. I hope she's not requested to leave the store.

I have a new foster rabbit, who I have named Rose. She's from the Porter County animal shelter. She's over 6 1/2 lbs., white with black spots/blotches, and possibly pregnant. I'm fostering her for the shelter and not the IHRS. She was brought in with another girl (who looked less fat, so either not as far along in her preg. or not preg. at all) and a young male. They were all together in the same carrier or box when they were brought to the shelter, hence the guess that they're pregnant. Rose was pulling some of her fur out yesterday, so I said I'd foster her so she'd be somewhere less stressful if she does deliver. I'll keep the blog posted on what's happening with her, and post some photos when I can.