Monday, February 18, 2008

My New Home

Tonight, I sat in a pen with Calvin and the woman who wants me to call her Mama. While Calvin was relaxed, I was a bit apprehensive. I asked him several times to groom me, but he didn't. I got a little upset, but I held my temper and didn't vent my frustration. I mostly just sat there, getting some good headrubs from the human and keeping my eye on Calvin.

Calvin is handsome, but it's going to take me some time to trust him and "Mama" - I miss my old home and people. The hay here is tasty, as is the salad. I'm content to stay here for now and see what happens. "Mama" said that even if I decide that I wouldn't be with Calvin if he was the last bunny boy on Earth, I can stay here. I've gone into homes before and ended up back in foster care, and I'm glad that "Mama" realizes I have reason to think everything is too good to be true - me, an older bunny girl, getting wooed by a handsome gentlebun and receiving lavish attention from the resident human. Don't pinch me yet, for if it's a dream, I want to enjoy it while I can.


A Big Bunny Welcome To.....

Julia Louise

Julia is an Hotot mix and about 7 years old, close to Calvin's age.

Julia's profile on the Indiana House Rabbits website. Julia was her name from the IHRS, and I've added Louise as her middle name because it fits her and her name. JLou will probably be her nickname.

She and Calvin will be going through bonding sessions, so I'll post updates on how the couple are doing as they iron out who's in charge.

Julia settled in pretty well last night. She felt comfortable enough this morning to box at me when I tried to pet her, so that made me feel good. She didn't eat all of her salad, but she has been enjoying the hay. She has a good view of Calvin, and they can get a good look at each other as they go through their day. Calvin sure had a puzzled expression on his face last night when I put Julia into her pen, the same expression he had the day Jessica moved into his house, sort of like "What is she doing here?"

Calvin got to meet a total of 6 girls yesterday for 5 dates, two girls being a bonded pair, and he got along best with Jenna and Julia. I ran the last round of dates, and Cal did well enough with Julia to have me pick her and not try Jenna again. Julia reminds me of a favorite teacher I had, sort of matronly and dignified.

More pics will be coming as she settles in.

Here's to a quick bonding and to a long life together. :-)


Friday, February 15, 2008

Jessica and Calvin on

Great news! I sent a copy of the first picture in the Last Photos of the Happy Couple posting to the Disapproving Rabbits website, and they picked it for their Valentine's Day posting. At least Cal and Jess weren't disapproving in all of their pics, though I know that they loved each other regardless of their "public" persona (personae?, personaes?) in the first photo.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Marja and Lil' Miss - The Two New Fosters

Marja and Lil' Miss, the two Dutch girls, have been with me for about a week and a half now. Lil' Miss is settling in well, but Marja is still very nervous. She really freaks out at the sound of plastic bags (she tried to disappear into a corner of her cage when I changed her litter box - the sound of the trash bag scaring her). I tried to comfort Marja by petting her and talking to her gently, but she was actually flinching when I touched her. I think that Marja was hit (she came from a basement breeding situation with about 90+ other rabbits), and she obviously has some post-traumatic stress going on.

Rabbits are such gentle creatures, and I just can't understand how someone can treat them (or any other kind of animal) so horribly.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Last Photos of the Happy Couple

I got the photos taken of Calvin and Jessica at the Red Door's Spa Day on Jan. 19th. They turned out wonderfully!

The last one's my favorite, with Calvin's smooshed face :-)

Jess has been gone for about a week now. Calvin and I are carrying on, but I can tell he's lonely. Hopefully next weekend we'll have a few bunny dates and the next Mrs. Calvin Parsley will join our warren.