Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two New Fosters....

Two weeks ago, I went to the county animal shelter and pulled a cute bun for the IHRS foster program. She was "Mulan" and after flipping her, I saw she wasn't a girl at all. The name "Tabitha" I had picked out for the bun had to be tossed, and I decided on Mario. He's a Tan rabbit, a breed with orange on the belly, neck, feet, tail, inner ears, and nostrils. He's really handsome. He was given up because the owner had allergies, and he's about a year old. He was neutered last Friday, so he's still a little sore. You can tell that his last owner was a little girl, both from his former name and from how much he loves attention.

One week ago, I went back to the shelter to pull the big girl that was given up by her owner because they couldn't care for her any more. I had promised her that I would get her out of there, and I did feel a bit guilty picking Mario over her. She's 7.7 lbs and a Rex mix. Her fur is short like a Rex, but the texture is more like a regular rabbit's coat. She's a lovely brown. She was spayed yesterday, but she's recovering well. I'm really tempted to adopt her, for she's such a great rabbit. She loves attention, and is always begging for headrubs when I walk by. She's getting spoiled, for I usually indulge her, even if for just a quick few rubs.

Pics will be coming soon. For being spayed and neutered, the number of buns at my house sure seems to multiply! :-)


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The Bunns said...

Well, as long as you can keep up and also see a way out if need be!

The bunnies of the world need more yous!!!