Tuesday, December 12, 2006

2 new nicknames added

I added "The Fuzzy Duo" for both buns (since I used it in the "I'm outnumbered!" posting) and Needle Nails for Jess.


I'm outnumbered!

The Fuzzy Duo have become a little more aggressive when wanting treats. I'll be on the couch, reading or watching TV, and one jumps up either beside me or on me. Calvin will look at me with his head cocked to one side and then stick his tongue out, licking his lips in anticipation of getting a treat. Jess, though, will jump up and get in my face, sniffing excitedly. Since I can't reach for the bag or can of treats with a bunny sitting on my chest (nor can I rollerskate in a buffalo herd), I try to nudge him or her down so I can reach over and get the treats. Well, then of course, the other one has to jump up, since I'm reaching for something that must be treats, so now I have both buns crawling all over me and interfering with me grabbing the goodies.

I guess I should have treats on me at all times, close enough to not have to reach for them, so I can quickly and painlessly appease my Bunny Overlords. :-)


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Jess a cannibal?

Jessica and Calvin often have little tussles, with one mounting the other in a display of dominance. And, being bunnies, they also consume a fair amount of fur when they groom themselves.

Well this morning, Jess gets mad at Calvin for something and starts mounting his head. I was standing right there and, thinking that Calvin didn't do anything to deserve the treatment, I pull Jess off of him. I noticed that Jess had a hunk of Calvin's fur hanging from her mouth. I tried to blow it off of her (rabbits are very touchy about someone touching them on the chins, so I didn't feel like risking my fingers to pull it off by hand), but it didn't work. And then she starts eating the fur!

I've always kidded Calvin that he was Jess's chew toy. I didn't know that I was so accurate! :-)


PS Calvin was none the worse for the encounter. While I can see the spot where the fur came from, it's only because of the pattern in Calvin's coat - it's a darker spot because the dark undercoat is more visible. He takes chunks of fur out of Jessica, too, which leaves bare spots on her (usually on the back of her neck).

Sunday, December 03, 2006

One more nickname added

A new nickname has just come into use, so it's been added to the list. Love Sponges, applicable to either or both of them :-)


The Necessity of Carrots

Last night, I had forgotten to get out a carrot when preparing the buns' salad. I didn't realize it until I was carrying their bowls to their house. I thought "Oh, well, they can live without carrot for one night."

I put the bowls into their house. Calvin snags some dill and starts eating right away, but Jessica sniffs around, looking for carrots. (I usually hand her the carrot half that is hers.) Now, sometimes I run out of carrots, but Jess hasn't acted like this when that happens. Somehow she knew I had carrots but was too lazy to add one to the salad when I realized I forgot. Well, she looks at me, sniffs at me, then gives me this sorry expression that says, "What, no carrot? Wasn't I a good bunny girl? I was cute and lovable all day, and I don't get a carrot?"

So, I go back to the fridge, get out a carrot, wash it off, and break it in two. Jess was there, waiting for me, to take her half and start munching away, eventually running down to the first floor of their house to continue eating it.

I have a feeling that if they'd have been human and me a chef at a restaurant, Jess would have sent the meal back to the kitchen, with Calvin eating off the plate as the waiter carried it off.

They have me trained so well, don't they? :-)