Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Carson Update

Carson went to the vet today. He'd been sneezing and wheezing a bit since I met him last Wed. We did a culture for Pasteurella, and hopefully he won't have it. He has to stay away from the other buns, including a separate play area, and it might mess up his chances to get into Red Door to await adoption. A tech at the hospital liked him, and she's going to work on her hubby and hopefully get his okay and give Carson a home :-)

I did get some pics at him while we were at the vet. He was very good for the doc and the techs, by the way.

He did get his nails trimmed while we were there, too. His teeth are a little wavy, but he'll be eating a lot more hay than he used to so it should take care of itself. I guess he's overweight, too - 6.4 lbs. He didn't look bigger than Calvin, but he's about about half a pound on my Chinchilla Boy.

One pic from him at home:

Who wouldn't love a face like this?



Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh I hope Carson gets a clean bill of health!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Carson has very lovely colors! I hope everything is okay with him and that he gets a really good home!