Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Three years later....

Three years ago today, Calvin and I went to Red Door to get him a buddy. Jessica was the last bun we saw and, while it wasn't love at first sight (yes, buns do this, bonding instantly), Calvin's life got a lot brighter. Despite health problems, especially her teeth, Jess has been so sweet and sassy and adorable. For her special "gotcha" day, I bought some of her favorite treats - papaya - and a new treat, a mix of hay, tiny pine cones, and flower petals.

Jess will be getting her front teeth removed in a few weeks. Surprisingly, it isn't that expensive, and it's the best chance we have of getting her molars back the way they should be - nice and even. I'll drop Jess and Calvin off in the morning and pick them up in the evening. I've been brushing Jess every night since Sunday, since she'll not be able to groom the way she's used to once her teeth are removed. Since she won't be able to pluck chunks of hair from herself (or Calvin), I want to make sure she stays looking mah-velous.

Jess... 3 years later and still a bundle of personality :-)


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Teeth, the Bread and Butter of a Bun

Jessica has had trouble with her teeth for quite a while. Her left front tooth is curving to the left, and her molars are "stairstepped" or uneven. I've heard from two vets that it might be best to have her front teeth removed in order to keep them from growing too much and making her molars not meet when her mouth is closed.

I don't know how much the surgery would be, but she'd likely have to stay overnight at the vet to make sure she's eating again. I'd have to chop up her carrots and probably make lettuce and things into smaller pieces, since she couldn't bite stuff off after her front teeth are removed. I really am agonizing over this, for I feel like it'd be mutilating Jess, even if it'd help her in the long run. Hopefully I'll get to talk to our vet here in Indiana and ask her if their removal would really fix the problem with her molars. Financially (and emotionally, for Jess), that would make it worthwhile, though I'd still feel like a horrible Mom.

Jess doesn't chew on things too much (Calvin has the corner on that market), but she does use her front teeth a lot when she grooms herself, pulling out loose tufts of fur and eating them. (She also pulls hunks of Cal's fur out, too, so she wouldn't be able to do that anymore, either.) That isn't good for her digestive system, eating that much hair, but since buns groom so much, I don't know if just using her lips and tongue will give her as much satisfaction. She'd still be able to inhale parsley and stuff (lips help feed in food, even if she can't rip stuff up using just her lips) since she doesn't use her front teeth for that, and I'm watching her to see what else she'd be unable to do if the teeth were removed.

My poor, sweet, sassy girl.