Monday, December 15, 2008

Rose the Drug Addict

Rose, the bun I'm fostering for Porter Co., was spayed on Friday. She finally perked up a little bit yesterday, and she didn't fight me when I gave her the metacam. She was too out of it Sat. to protest too much.

This morning, she hopped over to the end of her cage and looked up at me, probably expecting a raisin. On a whim, I thought, "Oh, let's just see if she'll take the metacam through the syringe without me forcing her." And she did! She practically ripped it out of my hands as I slowly pushed the plunger for her to lick up the meds.

I never thought I'd have another bun so thrilled to have medicine as PJ is, but I guess I do. :-)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Caspian the Stain Stick

I drove down to Indy today with two buns - a bunny date and a family looking to adopt a rabbit. On the way down, I stopped for a Peanut Buster Parfait at a DQ. Of course, I get a nice glob of hot fudge on my white IHRS T-shirt that I had to parade around in all day. I get home and get out Caspian aka Monkey Boy aka Fuzzy Monster, and I lie down on the couch to cuddle with him. He often licks my shirt, sometimes my arm, always the couch cushions. Tonight, he immediately gets to work licking the hot fudge stain. I would push him away, but he'd go right back to licking it. He even nibbled it a bit but didn't make a hole in the shirt. I told him that I didn't need Caspian Stain Stick, and he eventually got the message and stopped licking the stain. If I could get him to actually do the laundry instead of just, well, pre-treating stains, then I'd really be impressed! :-)


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Big Update!

Long time, no write. I was briefly down to 10 buns, but I'm back up to 11. I have one new bun, Hanna, who took Kendall's spot when he went into the Highland Petco store. Kendall just got adopted, so that was fast (he was in the store a little over a month).

The buns all survived Grampy taking care of them when I was in the hospital for surgery. I was only supposed to be in for 2 days (in Thurs., out Sat.) but I kept getting a fever at night, so I was stuck until Monday. Grampy gave carrots as treats, so that helped grease the wheels of bunny love.

Caspian stayed with my vet while I recovered enough to be able to cuddle with him. Cass gets so mad when he's not being held or getting attention from me. He's been pretty spoiled the last month or so - I've been working from home, so he's gotten to see me more. This is my last week (hopefully) of working from home, and I'm hoping he doesn't get depressed that I won't be home during the day. He's been getting long cuddle sessions on the couch each night, and I've been getting "Wet Caspians" (instead of "Wet Willies") when he stands on the back of the couch and grooms my ear.

PJ's health hasn't been the best. Last Sat., I heard what I thought was Jenna mounting him (she's been picking on him a little bit), but it was actually PJ on his side and unable to get up. I honestly thought he was going to die, because he also peed and, well, buns that are dying will do that. I helped him back up, and he acted fine. Tonight he was on his side again and got a push from Mama to get up. I don't know whether he was down and able to get up or if he had fallen and had given up. Last week he was panicky, but he wasn't like that tonight, so I don't know which it is.

I "adopted" a Webkinz rabbit for my birthday last week. That website is actually pretty fun, playing games to get Kinzcash to buy clothes, food, furniture, etc., for the pet and its home. So I'm 38 and play on Webkinz - hey, I'm a sociologist who studies the human-animal bond, so why not cyberpets? Any excuse to play, man! :-)