Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Calvin 500, Carrots, and Gravity

Last night, two funny things happened. I was sitting on the floor reading for class, and Calvin came snooping through. Usually when he does this, it means that he's about to go racing around the apartment (run the Calvin 500). And he didn't disappoint. The funny part was, I was at the end of his one run, and he went leaping over me then stopped. He turns around, jumps over me again, and then uses me to kick off the next sprint. I was laughing so hard. Now, he's run into me before (which is why if he's out, I either try not to get up and move around or I announce "Mama walking" so he might know where I am), but I've never been purposely included in the Calvin 500 racetrack :-)

At salad time last night, I handed Jessica her carrot (which she usually steals and runs downstairs with). Well, she drops it, and it goes downstairs. She'll often run down after it, so I was busy straightening the hay in the litterbox after I gave Calvin his carrot. Then, I reached downstairs to get Jess's carrot to give back to her. Well, as I look up, she takes Calvin's carrot and runs downstairs with it. So, I gave him Jess's. I guess I didn't return Queen Diva of the Warren's carrot fast enough. I need more training so I can serve her Royal Fuzziness promptly :-)