Friday, October 21, 2005

I hate vertical blinds

In the two places where Mama has lived, there have been vertical blinds hanging in front of the big windows that go outside. [The balcony sliding glass door - Mama] I love to run by the big window, but these blinds always get in my way. I push at them, but they swing back to hit me. That's not very nice, so I shove them again, and again they come back to hit me.


Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dreaming of treats

I love to flop - to lie totally on my side and just snooze away. One or both of my ears usually stick up when I do this, too. (Mama says that the first time she saw a rabbit do this - at college with Auntie Sue - she thought the rabbit, Wellington, was dead. When Mama gasped, Wellie looked up at her like, "What? Why are you ruining a perfectly good flop?")

Mama has noticed that I move my mouth when I'm flopped. Well, of course, for what will I dream about other than oatmeal, raisins, papaya, pineapple, strawberries, Critter Berries, fresh hay, carrots, dandelion, etc.? Calvin tells me that he dreams of running around and racing through the outdoors, but I'm a lady, so I prefer more dainty dreams. Lady humans might be demure and only pick at their food out of some sense of propriety, but rabbits don't buy into that sort of thing. If I can't be scarfing down treats in real life, I can at least dream about it when I'm sleeping.


Friday, October 07, 2005

That hairy time of year

Mama calls me her little shedding machine, and the fur has been flying the last few weeks. I know it doesn't make sense, but rabbits shed a lot of fur before growing in heavier fur for fall and winter. I'm always shedding (part of my chinchilla-colored charm :-) but it gets a lot worse in September. Jessica has been shedding a lot, too, and she gets so mad at Mama for pulling tufts of fur off of her butt.

The best thing about shedding, though, is the special treats Mama gives us. She got some dried papaya at the pet store, and she just brought home some dried pineapple yesterday. Both papaya and pineapple have special stuff in them that helps the fur we eat when we groom to keep on going through our systems and not become blocked and make us stop eating. We both love these special treats, so we might have to keep shedding all of the time in order to keep them coming. I'll have to talk to Jessica about that. :-)


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mama needs four feet

Hurray! Mama went back to work today, letting us get back to our mischief-planning and busy nap schedules. She broke a toe on Saturday and went to the people vet. I, Jessica, feel sort of guilty, since she got hurt after kicking one of the gates she has up to keep us out of places where we aren't allowed to go. (She doesn't want us to chew on her books or her drum set, and I must admit that they do look tasty - Calvin.)

So, we think Mama needs to have four feet like we do. Then, she won't stumble and fall so much, for when have you ever seen a rabbit stumble? But, she still needs to have her arms and hands, for how else can she give us treats if she doesn't have any hands?

Mama walks funny now, too, but all humans walk funny. When she came back from the people vet on Saturday, she brought salad with her, and she told us that the salad supply was secure. Though we were worried about her, it was a relief to know that we wouldn't run out of parsley. :-)

Hopefully Mama will get better soon so she can hop and dance around with us.

Jessica and Calvin