Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goodbye, Jenna

Yesterday and today, Jenna seemed worse - weak, not very active, and the sparkle had gone from her eye. I decided to make an appt. to have her euthanized tonight.

When I got home from work, Jenna had fallen onto her side at some point during the day and wasn't able to get up. So much like poor PJ had been. I set her upright, then gave her treats (carrots and craisins - she ate them, but still no "sparkle"). A few minutes later, I loaded her and Conner into the carrier and took them to the vet.

Jenna was very brave, and Conner was very supportive. He solicited attention while also staying near Jenna. Jenna went quietly, and she was peaceful. Conner lay with Jenna's body for a while after she had passed, and he went into the carrier when I offered it to him.

My vet has called with the necropsy results. It was a problem with Jenna's gut and liver, with a lot of fluid in her abdomen, the liver shrunken, and the intestines very swollen and stuff.

So far, Conner shows no signs of having caught anything from her, and I'll be scrubbing down their house this weekend to clean everything up. I'll clean the litterbox tomorrow and the extra hay etc. in the house, but the place will still smell like Jenna until I scrub it down. Hopefully that will help Conner cope with being alone again.

Jenna and PJ are together again. Hopefully they'll let Jessica hang out with them. Jenna was such a great wife and nurse to PJ, and she enjoyed being married to a young guy for a second husband. She loved using Conner as a pillow, draping herself over his middle, making a squished plus sign. She didn't need to intimidate Conner much - he fled from her glare alone. I'm glad I was able to give Jenna two loving husbands and (of course) a very loving Mama.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Jenna and Flannery Updates

Well, Jenna is still weak and very messy with her stool, but she's hanging in there. She's going to get a butt bath (sure to be annoying to both of us), and that should clean her up a bit. The vet is investigating what else to try. She's eating and drinking well, but so did PJ. Conner still seems well, so hopefully it won't pass to him. He had some medication to ward it off, but since it hasn't helped Jenna get back to normal, it might not be the right kind.

Flannery hasn't hit it off with Julia or Calvin, or even DeVille, so she's going back to Red Door and go to a foster home tomorrow. I feel bad, for Flan really wants to be with someone, and she's had a lot of changes in her life. At least she's been here for a month. Hopefully she can scale down her neediness, not be so possessive of what she sees as her human or so desperate when dealing with other buns.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jenna Gained Weight :-)

Jenna gained .4 lbs since Tues, so I'm a little more optimistic. I thought her spine looked a little less pronounced. Now if her hips and muscles fill out, we'll really have a better outlook....


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jenna Update

Well, Jenna lost weight and is weak. She's anemic, too, so we're treating her for coccidiosis (again) and giving her some stuff for her blood. They're still doing a few tests (slides of her blood and a fecal exam - she left a big clumpy icky pile of stuff on the towel at the vet's office, so they have a nice sample size), but I'm sure they'll find coccidiosis at least. Liver values and stuff all looked fine, so we'll see if I can get weight on her. If not, then the decision will have to be made again. I'm glad to take two buns to the vet and come back with two (Conner came along for moral support - at least it wasn't a goodbye).


Monday, September 07, 2009

Sad Future for Jenna

Jenna, PJ's widow and wife of Conner, is showing signs of wasting away like PJ did. I've noticed over the last week to week and a half that she's getting a bit weak. Considering she caught the same coccidiosis that PJ had shortly after bonding to him, which I'm guessing was a hepatic strain, I don't hold much hope for this special girl.

We're going to the vet tomorrow to see if they could find out anything that might help. With my main vet on vacation and my secondary off tomorrow, I might wait until Sat. to make the choice to euthanize her. She's not suffering much yet, but she will, and it's a very hard decision to make to do it now. She fell once today onto her side, but was able to get back up. She also slipped or something when she and Conner were out while I was cleaning their house. (Conner wasn't near her, so it was all her.). I can't let her get so weak like PJ got, but I could wait a few days while the clinic did some research into what might help. Or I might ask that she be euthanized tomorrow, if my secondary is willing to come in to do it. He's the one who did PJ, and I'd feel more comfortable with him doing it. Like it's ever comfortable.

I had wanted to get some pictures of Jenna and Conner together, especially how Jenna will use Conner as a pillow, but now that I know time is short, I don't really want to take them, for I'll know when they were taken and how soon before the end that they came.

It will be hard to work with Flannery, the girl who is dating Calvin, for she looks a lot like Jenna. I know that one day, the time will come for each of them, but it's still so hard. It only hurts so much because I love so much, but I'm not about to change that.


Caspian's Doing Better :-)

It's so funny how bunny parents can get so excited when there's poop in the litterbox! Caspian passed some pretty small pellets, but it's a start. His butt is very wet, so he's peeing, too. He's fighting me more when I syringe feed him (yay!), and he's up on the shelf in his house. He's grooming, itching ears, and getting mad when I blow on his nose.

I'm hoping I don't have to take him to work with me tomorrow. Though I'd love to have him there (despite not having a good spot for him there - just moved cubes last week), I don't want to have to haul his heavy butt for the walk from and to the train station (about a mile total).


Sunday, September 06, 2009

Need Healing Thoughts for Caspian

Caspian decided to go into GI stasis, and thus far is still being a lump. Sub-q fluids hasn't helped, and I forsee another trip to the vet tonight. His belly seemed pretty big, but he wasn't too gassy. He might have a touch o' sludge, too, but we need better films. He'll probably get knocked out later so we can get better pics. I have no idea what set this off. I noticed he wasn't up on his little shelf yesterday, and last night he didn't express any interest in his food (even pellets!), though he did eat a craisin. He ate a craisin this morning, too, but I still dragged him to the vet.

So, here's hoping he can get over this. He's my favorite kid, and I'd be so lost if he doesn't make it.


Friday, September 04, 2009

Cal and Flan Dating Update

The bunny dates between Calvin and Flannery are going pretty well. I do have to laugh, though. Flan will groom Cal's back and he looks so rumpled. After she groomed one of his ears tonight, he immediately groomed it himself. I can't figure out if that's like someone giving you a peck on the cheek and you immediately rub it off.


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A New Resident

Julia's bunny date on Saturday went pretty well, I thought. We brought home Flannery, a Mini-Rex girl who was grooming Julia during the date (and mounting too, but Julia didn't protest). At home, Flannery eventually took over the pen I put her and Julia into, resulting in a few fights come daylight, and I'm not sure if it was Julia telling Flannery to go away or that the big litterbox was her territory and Flannery should stay away.

So, I tried Flannery with Calvin. Again, Flannery was aggressively grooming Cal on the neck and back, eventually making it to his ears. She mounted him a few times, with no reaction (well, Cal did eat some hay while it was occurring, which he'd do with Jessica and I took that as a good sign). They dated later in a pen outside, and Flannery wanted nothing to do with him.

So, Flannery and I had a talk Sunday night. She just lost her people last week (they lost their job and their house), so I thought to give her some time off from dating to settle down a bit. Last night, we were cuddling on the couch, and she peed on me and it. I was still smelling like all of the other bunnies (cleaned litterboxes), so that might have had something to do with it. She had gotten pretty relaxed at one point, so maybe she just lost control. With all the poor girl has been through, I can't be mad at her. (I mean, Caspian's peed on me and the couch several times to let me know he's litterally pi$$ed off, so it's not like it hasn't happened to me before.)

Flannery will be dating Julia and Calvin again tonight (she's more a prospect for Cal at this point), so we'll see how it goes. I think she's trying too hard to be liked. I can't keep her if she doesn't click with somebun here, but I'll feel bad to take her back to the rescue shelter.