Sunday, June 25, 2006

Jumping into the Third Dimension

The buns and I have recently moved from an apartment to a 2-floor townhouse. I had been eager to see what Jessica and Calvin would do when confronted with stairs. I figured that they'd be racing up and down them right away.

Well, Calvin has yet to brave the stairs, but Jessica had no fear either of the uncarpeted entry to the stairs (she was fostered in a home with hardwood floors) or the stairs themselves. She hopped halfway up them last night, then hopped back down. Then later last night, she hopped all the way up to the top. She explored the bedroom (tons of boxes everywhere), went back out into the hall, surveyed the bathroom from the hall, then hopped into the study. Even more boxes there, so she hopped back into the bedroom to explore a different route, and then hopped out and back down the stairs.

Tonight, Jessica has gone up and down the stairs a few times, including racing up the stairs taking them two at a time. (I wonder if I could convince her to carry a few boxes up with her ;-) Calvin, well, I tried to temp him onto the uncarpeted entryway with some dried papaya, but he wouldn't let his back end go off the carpet. He saw Jess hopping down the stairs, and he was startled. As much as Calvin jumps down from high places and explores stuff, it's funny that the stairs unsettle him so much. Maybe he figures that if there are monsters upstairs, let them eat Jess instead :-)


Sunday, June 11, 2006

I guess Jess doesn't trust me

Every night, I hand Jessica her carrot, and she usually runs downstairs with it, thinking she's stealing Calvin's carrot or to keep him from eating hers. Anyway, I gave her a carrot the one night, and she dropped it and started to eat it on the 2nd floor. Well, it kept moving away from her as she tried to bite it, so I picked it up and held the pointy end toward her so she could take a bite. She bit of a piece, chewed, and then grabbed the carrot and ran downstairs with it. Did she think I was going to steal it? I like raw carrots, but not at 10:30 at night. Harumpf :-)