Monday, February 18, 2008

A Big Bunny Welcome To.....

Julia Louise

Julia is an Hotot mix and about 7 years old, close to Calvin's age.

Julia's profile on the Indiana House Rabbits website. Julia was her name from the IHRS, and I've added Louise as her middle name because it fits her and her name. JLou will probably be her nickname.

She and Calvin will be going through bonding sessions, so I'll post updates on how the couple are doing as they iron out who's in charge.

Julia settled in pretty well last night. She felt comfortable enough this morning to box at me when I tried to pet her, so that made me feel good. She didn't eat all of her salad, but she has been enjoying the hay. She has a good view of Calvin, and they can get a good look at each other as they go through their day. Calvin sure had a puzzled expression on his face last night when I put Julia into her pen, the same expression he had the day Jessica moved into his house, sort of like "What is she doing here?"

Calvin got to meet a total of 6 girls yesterday for 5 dates, two girls being a bonded pair, and he got along best with Jenna and Julia. I ran the last round of dates, and Cal did well enough with Julia to have me pick her and not try Jenna again. Julia reminds me of a favorite teacher I had, sort of matronly and dignified.

More pics will be coming as she settles in.

Here's to a quick bonding and to a long life together. :-)



FrecklesandDeb said...

Best of luck to you and Calvin and Julia! We'll be looking forward to finding out how everything goes. We've got our ears crossed for you.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Uhhhh yes Calvin. She does look a bit matronly. But then, perhaps you are a seasoned gent yourself!

It wil be a good story to follow!

That was quite the effort to find a good possible mate! Beats tossing them together in the kitchen with a broom in your hands!

Susie said...

Oh, she's beautiful! I know they'll come to love each other! Can't wait to read further installments to see how the bonding goes!! :o)