Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kristie - A Thankful Foster Bunny

I'm Kristie. I was rescued from the same shelter that PJ was, even on the same day. I'm so glad to be out of there!

I'm so thankful to the IHRS for rescuing me, and for getting me spayed. Now I can focus on what's around me and not my hormones.

I'm thankful for my foster Mama, even though she seems to get upset when I taste-test her books. Doesn't she know I'm a curious bun and see the world through my nibbling? I'm not yet 2 years old, so she needs to cut me some slack. She even keeps me from getting back into the really cool, dark closet I got into once. I've spent many nights trying to get back into it, but she keeps thwarting my efforts. (Wow, thwarting is such a big word. Must have been in some scrap of newspaper I ate.)

I'm thankful it's so quiet here at Mama's, and that I can rip newspaper and hide. I don't like it when she picks me up to take me out for playtime. She says that I'll have to put up with this when I go to Petco, whatever that means. I don't really want to leave here except to go to my forever home, so maybe someone will adopt me before I have to go there.

I'm thankful for my foster Grampy, who I got a crush on when we went to his house for a week. I'd tease him by sniffing his finger but then moving away when he tried to scratch my head. I did lick him, though, so the bunny kiss told him all he needed to know :-) I've given my foster Mama bunny kisses, too.

I'm thankful for yummy salad, long spaces to be able to race around, and for full-frontal headrubs. I'm thankful that I can dance and rip newspaper and hide and be a bunny.

I'm thankful that my foster Mama has told me that I'll always have a home here if anything ever happens to me after I get a forever home.


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