Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nadia - In Need of Some Lithium

Well, Nadia has certainly made an impression on me. This little foster bun has had a very hard life in her 2 years or so - she was kept in a dismal basement and bred. Her Dutch markings aren't up to breed standards, but her former owner must not have cared.

Anyway, she boxes. A lot. Last night I entered her temporary pen (upstairs on my landing/hallway), and she was attacking my feet and legs. Needless to say, I wore shoes this morning when I entered to freshen her hay and water and give her salad. Of course since I was prepared, she didn't box.

She is a loveable rabbit, though, liking headrubs, though she's a bit pushy. We have to work on her manners and her tolerance for other buns. I've had to lock her up in her carrier and take her downstairs so PJ and Kristie could have some relaxing out time (though Kristie still pellet marks outside of Nadia's pen to show Nadia who has claim to that real estate).

I enjoy a challenge, and taming this Dutch beauty will certainly be one!


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Rabbits' Guy said...

Good luck with the "training" .. hee heee .. who trains who! That is a great service you guys provide there.
Enjoy your blog .. how about some bunny pix too.