Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hoppy Spring :-)

I took the buns out for a hop today, individually since Jess runs around while Calvin is fairly stationary. Calvin went first today, and he didn't eat as much of the Great Outdoor Buffet as he usually does. There were noisy cars and an occasional motorcycle which made him a bit frightened, and he chewed on his harness a bit, too. I'm sure he'll get used to being out again - hopefully I can take him out every weekend.

Jess, as usual, didn't let any noise or strange sights bother her at all. She ran all over the place, so I got a workout, too. I think she actually played with me at one point. She ran ahead three feet, then turned sideways to get me to catch up, then ran ahead again and turned, and did it once more. It was like she was playing Follow the Leader. She hadn't ever done that before, so I think she might have been having fun. She almost got out of her harness as I was grabbing her to bring her back inside. I love how her ears bounce up and down when she runs :-)


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