Thursday, March 08, 2007

When the Girlfriend Moved In

The other day, I had to smile when I watched Calvin do his little "I love you" dance when Jessica came hopping over after I opened the door to their house. When Jess first came to live with us, I had to bond the two of them, basically get them used to each other. They fought, and I had to intervene a few times. I know Jess and I both have scars to show for it, and I can assume that Cal got a couple, too.

Well, after a few weeks, I would turn the two of them loose in the apartment after their bonding session. (Bonding should happen on neutral ground, so neither bun is too territorial.) Calvin went into Jessica's house a few times, but she wasn't near by. (I was afraid she'd get mad at finding him in her home - a one level cage - when Cal had the big, two story bunny condo. And yes, that's really what they're called.)

I had wondered when bonding was over - when I could house them together without trouble. Then on Mother's Day 2004, Jessica decided it for me. She hadn't gone into the condo at all on her tour of the apartment, although she gave it some sniffs and knew who lived there. Well, she just jumps on in and immediately goes upstairs, where the litterbox/hay was and the stellar view of my messy apartment. Calvin hopped in shortly after, and he went upstairs. I was tense, afraid he'd kick her out or fight, since she was on his turf. Nothing happens....still nothing....then Calvin gets this odd look on his face, like he couldn't understand what she was doing in his bachelor pad.

I laughed, for he really did look perplexed, and I said, "Calvin, that's what happens when you give your girlfriend the keys to your place. She'll move in when you're not looking." :-) She hasn't put up pink curtains or tossed out his old couch, but she does snatch food from his mouth. I think he's down with that, though :-)


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