Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Fuzzy" logic

Mama told me that she posted an entry on how I'm always optimistic about what she has when she leaves the kitchen. I thought that it was time to tell the world the logic of rabbits.
  1. If it crinkles, it contains a treat.
  2. If it rattles, it contains a treat.
  3. If it has a lid that peels off, it contains a treat.
  4. If it smells good, it's a treat.
  5. If Mama comes out from the kitchen, she has a treat.
  6. If Mama is eating something, it's a treat.
  7. If Mama is eating something that she says isn't for bunnies, she'll give us a treat if we bug her.
  8. If we have had one kind of treat, that doesn't mean we can't have another treat.
  9. "You'll spoil your dinner" doesn't apply to rabbits.
  10. If you expect me to sit still to be brushed, you had better have a treat.
  11. If you say "Come here Calvin," you had better have a treat.
  12. If Jessica thinks there is a treat, please give us a treat or else she'll beat me up for nothing.

Now that the world knows how I think, isn't it time to give me a treat? You think it's easy to type with paws?


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