Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Calvin, my eternal optimist

Oh, to have the optimism of a rabbit.

Whenever I go into the kitchen, Calvin's "bunny sense" kicks in, and he's usually waiting for me at the end of the hall. Then, he starts dancing and running and jumping, positive that since I was in the kitchen, I therefore must have a treat for him. Of course, Jessica then rushes over, thinking that he's eating a treat and she isn't.

I stand there, looking down at them, either empty handed or holding some food for myself, and say, "Sorry, nothing for bunnies."

I've spoken to them, so that absolutely must mean that I have a treat. They continue to mill around my feet, and I go and sit down. After a second or two, they realize that I must have decided to give them their treat where I'm sitting, so they mob me and try to get a treat. Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep my food (popcorn, pizza, whathaveyou) out of their way so I don't have bunny fuzz in it.

Eventually, I have to give them a treat, for they won't leave me alone. They have me trained so well ;-)

Oh, to have the optimism of bunnies. :-)


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