Sunday, September 25, 2005

Which parsley right is for you?

Mama asked that I write a little something about for this new blog (whatever that is), so I chose to write about parsley.

Parsley is more complicated than it looks. There are two kinds - flat (also called Italian) and curly (what is used as a garnish a lot). Both are quite tasty. The flat parsley can get nice, thick stems on them, all the better to munch on. Curly parsley can have big bunches of leaves that make it hard to eat, getting one's fur all wet and matted.

So give your bunny a tasty treat - get some parsley. It's cheap (79 cents a bunch at our Meijer store), crunchy, and healthy. Mama knows better than to run out of it.

I really love parsley, which Mama noticed after she adopted me, and she made it my middle name.

Hurray for parsley!! :-)


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