Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mama needs four feet

Hurray! Mama went back to work today, letting us get back to our mischief-planning and busy nap schedules. She broke a toe on Saturday and went to the people vet. I, Jessica, feel sort of guilty, since she got hurt after kicking one of the gates she has up to keep us out of places where we aren't allowed to go. (She doesn't want us to chew on her books or her drum set, and I must admit that they do look tasty - Calvin.)

So, we think Mama needs to have four feet like we do. Then, she won't stumble and fall so much, for when have you ever seen a rabbit stumble? But, she still needs to have her arms and hands, for how else can she give us treats if she doesn't have any hands?

Mama walks funny now, too, but all humans walk funny. When she came back from the people vet on Saturday, she brought salad with her, and she told us that the salad supply was secure. Though we were worried about her, it was a relief to know that we wouldn't run out of parsley. :-)

Hopefully Mama will get better soon so she can hop and dance around with us.

Jessica and Calvin

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