Wednesday, July 01, 2009

DeVille the Lockpicker

I came home last night, set my bag down, grabbed the bag of baby carrots, and went into the bunny room to give them their treats. And what did my eyes behold but DeVille's door wide open and no DeVille in his house.

He came out from his hiding place, then dove back in when I tried to grab him. He's small enough to fit between the other cages and the wall, so he can get into some very unreachable places. I managed to snag him and put him back in his house.

At least I don't have to worry about any cords being chewed, since he doesn't have his front teeth. Still, what a little troublemaker :-)

He was still in his house this morning, though he did dart out when I opened the door to give him his salad. I managed to catch him, and I put him in a carrier for a time out while I refilled his pellets and water and gave him more hay. I think I might have bumped his door yesterday morning and undid the latch. Or he's able to get it open on his own. I sure hope not. I've had escaping buns before, and it's hard to think of ways to outsmart them. Dumb bunny my foot!



The Bunns said...

We are clever ... bunnies RULE!

WhiteStix said...

Once rabbits grow opposable thumbs, I hope they'll be merciful.

FrecklesandDeb said...

What a smart little bun! He'd found himself on the loose and took full advantage!