Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cadence is Settling in Well

Cadence (pics coming soon) ate a baby carrot and a few craisins I gave her as a welcome treat last night. She folded the newspaper in her litterbox over the hay. I tried to fix it for her this morning, then got to see her EDS come out. (EDS, as my vet will tell you, stands for Evil Doe Syndrome. She half lunged at me and growled. Not intimidated, I started to pet her, where she started some moans and vocalizations like she was afraid. Poor thing.) She flipped the paper right back where it was, so I gave in and just gave her more hay on top of the paper, and she started munching away on the hay right away.

She learned two lessons today:

1. Mama isn't impressed with my inexperienced displays of EDS.
2. You can't eat hay if it's buried under newspaper, but Mama will give you more on top of the paper.

She was stretched out on top of her salad when I left for work this morning. She takes the phrase "A bed of lettuce" a bit literally. :-)


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