Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cadence the Floozy

Poor little Cadence doesn't seem to realize that all the attractive boy buns in my warren are all neutered. When I get home, I let her out into a pen to get some exercise, and she is constantly flicking her tail up and down. It's not like when Jessica would wiggle her tail like a duck (when she was being mischievious) - it's more like when a mare "winks" at a stallion, a come-hither of her nether region. I tell her that none of my boys can help her out in that department (and I tell the boys to stay away from that crazy unspayed girl), but of course she can't understand.

She also likes to circle my feet and bite at my ankles when I enter the pen to put her back into her house. I guess when you're in the mood she's in, any attention is good attention.


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