Monday, September 07, 2009

Sad Future for Jenna

Jenna, PJ's widow and wife of Conner, is showing signs of wasting away like PJ did. I've noticed over the last week to week and a half that she's getting a bit weak. Considering she caught the same coccidiosis that PJ had shortly after bonding to him, which I'm guessing was a hepatic strain, I don't hold much hope for this special girl.

We're going to the vet tomorrow to see if they could find out anything that might help. With my main vet on vacation and my secondary off tomorrow, I might wait until Sat. to make the choice to euthanize her. She's not suffering much yet, but she will, and it's a very hard decision to make to do it now. She fell once today onto her side, but was able to get back up. She also slipped or something when she and Conner were out while I was cleaning their house. (Conner wasn't near her, so it was all her.). I can't let her get so weak like PJ got, but I could wait a few days while the clinic did some research into what might help. Or I might ask that she be euthanized tomorrow, if my secondary is willing to come in to do it. He's the one who did PJ, and I'd feel more comfortable with him doing it. Like it's ever comfortable.

I had wanted to get some pictures of Jenna and Conner together, especially how Jenna will use Conner as a pillow, but now that I know time is short, I don't really want to take them, for I'll know when they were taken and how soon before the end that they came.

It will be hard to work with Flannery, the girl who is dating Calvin, for she looks a lot like Jenna. I know that one day, the time will come for each of them, but it's still so hard. It only hurts so much because I love so much, but I'm not about to change that.


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FrecklesandDeb said...

We're so sorry to hear this. We know how hard it is when you are so close to your little friends. We'll keep our fingers crossed and will be thinking of Jenna. Hugs.