Sunday, September 06, 2009

Need Healing Thoughts for Caspian

Caspian decided to go into GI stasis, and thus far is still being a lump. Sub-q fluids hasn't helped, and I forsee another trip to the vet tonight. His belly seemed pretty big, but he wasn't too gassy. He might have a touch o' sludge, too, but we need better films. He'll probably get knocked out later so we can get better pics. I have no idea what set this off. I noticed he wasn't up on his little shelf yesterday, and last night he didn't express any interest in his food (even pellets!), though he did eat a craisin. He ate a craisin this morning, too, but I still dragged him to the vet.

So, here's hoping he can get over this. He's my favorite kid, and I'd be so lost if he doesn't make it.


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