Monday, March 01, 2010

RIP Calvin Parsley 9-20-2003 to 3-1-2010

Calvin passed away tonight at home. He had an irregular heartbeat and problems breathing, and he likely had cancer. (A few people told me of a connection between Horner's and sarcoma in dogs, so given Cal's age, it might hold true for rabbits as well.) I knew his time was close, and we spent time on the couch tonight with me petting him and giving him some dried blueberries for a treat.

My very first rabbit, Calvin taught me the importance of rabbit proofing after he got out of his pen and chewed my TV power cord and several other cords. He was adept at moving pens to be able to get into forbidden areas.

One time I was calling his name and looking all over for him, growing really worried that he got into something and got hurt (for he wasn't even coming when I rattled the treat bag, which he'd come to even if he didn't come to his name). Well he poked his head out from under the dining room table - he was up on a chair that was pushed under the table. I was looking on the floor for him, and he was watching me and probably laughing at the joke he was playing on me.

He's now with Jessica at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope she shares her treats with him.


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Rabbits' Guy said...

Many of us followed some of Calvin's life through your posts and wish you well. Calvin lived a long time and a good time.