Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Bath Down....

...And one to go. Conner was a very good bunny during his first bath last week. The shampoo smells like coconut suntan lotion, so he was very delicious-smelling. I washed him in the kitchen sink because it was more contained and I have one of those sprayers beside the faucet. The sound of the sprayer freaked him out a bit, but he wasn't overly wiggly. I am glad I got the spray bottle of shampoo instead of trying to keep him still while I opened a regular bottle and poured shampoo into my hand. He'd have been gone in a flash if I'd have done that.

He'll have a touch-up trim and another bath either this weekend (supposed to warm up again into the 60s) or next week. Then he'll be ready to meet Julia.

Fingers are crossed!


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