Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bunny Smarts

I know I often make it sound like the rabbits don't have much in the way of brains. For example, they don't understand gravity (if either Calvin or Jessica starts to eat something at the top of the ramp leading down to the first floor of their cage, that food inevitably goes rolling down the ramp). However, they do some pretty smart things sometimes.

The smartest thing I see Jessica do is keep ahold of her lettuce as she eats it. She'll put a foot down on it so it doesn't flail around or anything as she chomps. With her holding the lettuce, she can rip off pieces with a fling of her head.

Another genius move of Jessica's is how to get attention. One day, she was nibbling on some boxes out here in the living room. I was sitting at my computer, and I kept telling her to stop. She kept doing it, so I finally got up and went over to her. Well, she looks at me, turns, and goes leaping and dancing off, as if to say "Ha ha. Made you get up."

Calvin's brains seem to always be cooking up a new trick to try. One night, I was upset and really stressed out about a final exam for a class. (This was before Jessica joined us.) I had opened the cage and was sitting on the floor in front of the TV and, I'll admit it, crying. I happen to look over at Calvin the very moment he launches himself from his cage (about 18 inches from the arm of the couch), lands on some mail sitting on top of my backpack, and "surfs" on the mail until he drops to the couch cushions and stops about three inches from my face. I almost died of laughter! He had this smug little expression on his face, like "I did it! I'm so great!" I asked him, with tears of joy in my eyes, how long he had been planning that.

Anyone who thinks rabbits are boring or stupid needs to meet my two!


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